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What happens when you change the portfolio after a year?

When our recommended portfolio is changed in tandem with the best investment practices, there are two things that need to be ensured:

  1. Your standing instructions (SIPs) are changed so that your new investments are made into the new portfolio. 
  2. The amount you have invested in the fund(s) no longer in the portfolio are switched out after giving due consideration to exit load and short term capital gains tax. 

Scripbox helps you do both easily. And you are in control of both steps.

For your standing instructions, you can choose to continue investing in the old funds or switch to the new funds. We provide a ‘One-Click Change Portfolio’ feature to change all your standing instructions.

For switching your existing investments, we provide a "Rebalance Portfolio" feature at the appropriate time - after your holdings are one year old. The money will be withdrawn from your old funds and automatically re-invested in the new funds when you rebalance your portfolio.

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