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bond vs fixed deposit

Bond vs Fixed Deposit

Bonds and fixed deposits are the most popular choices among investors with low-risk tolerance levels. Also, both of these fixed income instruments offer fixed interest income to investors. However, they are different from each other on various parameters. This article...

certificate of deposit vs fixed deposit

Certificate of Deposit vs Fixed Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a financial asset issued by banks and financial institutions. They provide set interest rates on the amount invested, which is often higher than FD rates. On the other hand, Fixed deposits are one of...

fd vs life insurance plans

FD vs Life Insurance Plans

Among the different financial products available in India, fixed deposit (FD) and life insurance plans are the most popular investment products. Even though a life insurance plan is an insurance product, it is perceived as an investment product for many...

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Why Do Indians Prefer Fixed Deposits?

Indians prefer fixed deposits because they offer fixed and assured returns on their investments. Basically, you know what you will receive at the end of your tenure. Therefore, it becomes easy to trust and helps you plan your investments accordingly....

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Fixed Deposit vs Savings Account

Every person works hard to make a living and provide the best for their families. Also, it is important to have sufficient savings to meet your immediate requirements and meet your financial goals. However, keeping all the money in a...

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Axis Bank 24×7 Overdraft against FD

An overdraft is a type of short-term loan. It's most commonly utilised by firms to bridge the gap between short-term cash flow problems and long-term cash flow problems. Salaried people can use it instead of breaking up their FDs if...

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HDFC Sweep in FD

The HDFC Sweep in FD combines the benefits of a savings bank account with the higher interest rate of a fixed deposit. With the sweep in facility, you won't have to worry about not having enough funds in your account...

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Axis Bank Auto Fixed Deposit

What is Auto Fixed Deposit in Axis Bank? The Axis Bank Auto Fixed Deposit from Axis Bank connects an existing Savings Account to a Fixed Deposit. When the balance in the Savings Account reaches Rs. 25,000, money in multiples of...