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Post Office Savings Account (POSA)

The Post Office Savings Account is a deposit scheme provided and regulated by the Post Office of India. It is backed by the Central Government of India through notification no. G.S.R. 921(E) under section 3A of the Government Savings Promotion...

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Monthly Income Fixed Deposits Scheme

Fixed Deposits or FDs are one of the most popular and traditional savings instruments in India. Investment in an FD can be made for a few weeks to few months or few years at a fixed interest rate. In this...

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Types of Banks Accounts in India

Indian banks offer multiple types of accounts for different purposes. Whether one is working, or a student, an entrepreneur, a partnership firm, or an NRI, each one has several options to choose from. Bank accounts vary based on purpose, frequency...

Senior Citizen FD Rates

Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit

Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits (FDs) are the most lucrative investment instruments for individuals over 60 years of age. These term deposit plans are offered by leading banks at special FD interest rates. The FDs are accompanied by benefits like steady...


NRO Fixed Deposit

An NRO account or Non-Resident Ordinary account is a savings account or a deposit account denominated in Indian Rupee. It is opened by NRIs to manage their income in India. An NRO FD allows NRIs to invest their Indian income...

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Corporate FD

What is a Corporate FD? Corporate Fixed Deposits or a Company Fixed Deposits are offered by Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFC) and act as a savings product for the investors. The interest rates offered by these deposits are generally higher than...

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Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) Scheme

Investment in fixed income instruments provides much-needed stability to your investment portfolio. Amongst the various investment options available, Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) is an old and popular option amongst investors. It is a fully secure investment as it is backed...

best banks in india

Best Banks in India 2021

In the current age, having a bank account is essential. Moreover, all financial subsidies given by the government are also routed through bank accounts. Also, the financial inclusion initiatives taken by the government have ensured almost all citizens have a...