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HDFC Green and Sustainable Deposits

What are the HDFC Green Deposits? The urgency of the hour is to protect our environment from climate change. HDFC Bank fixed deposit has created Green & Sustainable Deposits. It is a product that promotes the United Nations' Sustainable Development...

sbi mod scheme

SBI MOD (Multi Option Deposit) Interest Rates

Whenever individuals invest in a fixed deposit, they cannot withdraw money before maturity without charges in case of a financial emergency. Thus, there is another fixed deposit scheme called the MOD or Multi Option Deposit Scheme for such a situation....

sbi annuity deposit scheme

SBI Annuity Deposit Interes Rates

SBI Annuity Deposit Scheme channelizes savings of a person to get regular monthly income. Investors can deposit their savings in a lump sum to get monthly income over a fixed tenure. SBI Annuity Deposit Interest Rates TenureNormal CitizensSenior Citizen7 days...

sbi fd interest rates

SBI Sarvottam FD Interest Rate 2023

State bank of India offers SBI fixed deposit scheme named as Sarvottam FD is a non-callable term deposit offering a higher interest rate. The Sarvottam deposit scheme doesn't allow premature withdrawals. NameSBI Sarvottam FD SchemeMinimum Deposit AmountRs. 15 LakhsMaximum Deposit...

FD Interest Rate

PSU Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

PSU banks are government-owned banks, where the majority of the shares are held by the Government of India.. The FD interest rates in government banks are risk-free and a guaranteed return since they are backed by Government of India. A...

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Scripbox Learning Resources

Why Do Indians Prefer Fixed Deposits?

Indians prefer fixed deposits because they offer fixed and assured returns on their investments. Basically, you know what you will receive at the end of your tenure. Therefore, it becomes easy to trust and helps you plan your investments accordingly....

What is Fixed Deposit

What is Fixed Deposit? A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial investment option offered by banks, where an individual deposits a specific amount of money for a predetermined period, typically ranging from a few months to a few years. The...

types of banks accounts in india

Types of Banks Accounts in India

10 Different Types of Bank Accounts in India Indian banks offer multiple types of accounts for different purposes. Whether one is working, or a student, an entrepreneur, a partnership firm, or an NRI, each one has several options to choose...