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“ I chose Scripbox because it solved two of my problems, where to invest and how to invest. ”

Manish Jha

Investor since 2013.

“ The choice of equity mutual funds have done well. ”

Ashwin Row

Investor since 2013.

“ Though I'm not a newbie to investing in funds, I've switched over to Scripbox because it is low effort and high reward. ”

Sameer Bhiwani

Visual Designer, Investor Since 2014.

“ For me, Scripbox made it amazingly easy and quick to start investing methodically. ”

Milind Kharosekar

Entrepreneur, Investor since 2014.

“ It's a rare online portal of which my friends in the US are envious about ”

Sriram Muthukumar

Design Engineer, Investor since 2013.

“ The service was very good and hassle free. ”

Rohit Talekar

Investor since 2013