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Capital Small Finance Bank RD Interest Rates

About Capital Small Finance Bank Recurring Deposit(RD) On April 24, 2016, Capital Small Finance Bank Limited, previously Capital Local Area Bank, commenced operations as India's first small finance bank. The Bank pioneered modern banking facilities for rural areas at low...

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UCO Bank RD Interest Rates

About UCO Bank Recurring Deposit You can add to your savings with the UCO Recurring Deposit at your convenience. With your regular paycheck, you can begin saving any fixed amount each month, ranging from 100 to less than 10 Lakh....

senior citizen saving scheme

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

What is SCSS? Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a post office savings scheme for senior citizens that offers safety and regular income to its investors. It is also a tax saving plan. It suits retired investors looking for a...

certificate of deposit

What is a Certificate of Deposit? How should I invest?

The Government of India needs money to meet its financial requirements. They approach the general public to raise money. They can raise funds by offering different financial instruments for both short term and long term. However, there are very few...


Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS)

In times of economic adversity, companies resort to various measures for cutting down costs. Reducing their workforce under Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) is one such step that helps them improve productivity and profits. Companies of both public and private sectors...

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vpf vs ppf

VPF vs PPF – Which is Better Investment?

Retirement planning is not just crucial for today’s investors but also a topic that demands well-informed decision-making. Having said that there are investment options available for an investor like mutual funds, NSC, SCSS, NPS, and so on. Almost all investment...

vpf vs nps


A Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) is a regular provident fund plan in which a depositor can choose how much he wants to contribute to the fund on a regular basis. VPF has a five year lock-in period. The National Pension...

Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF)

Building up your retirement fund alongside your regular income is a good idea. There are many options available that provide for different risk profiles. It includes insurance plans backed by sovereign guarantees like Provident Fund (PF). In India, there are...


One home, and one app, for all your wealth

View, analyse, manage, and invest your and your family's wealth with the all-new Scripbox App.

One home, and one app, for all your wealth

View, analyse, manage, and invest your and your family's wealth with the all-new Scripbox App.