Child Advantage

Say yes to your child’s dreams, with a customised investment plan, that will guide you at every step - investment, growth & withdrawal.

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Frequently asked questions.

How is it different from other plans?
  • Our research gives you clarity on future costs of education & all-round development.
  • Personalised investment plan based on your need, time horizon, risk profile & savings.
  • Stay committed with regular reviews, goal tracking and course corrections.
  • De-risk your goal with a reducing equity glide path, as you get closer to the goal.
  • Get flexibility for life changes with anytime withdrawals and replanning options.
  • Withdraw in a smart, staggered way that minimises exit loads and taxes.
Also, our fund recommendations are specifically tailored for this plan, and are different from some of our other offerings, like Long Term Portfolio.
Is there any lock-in period?
There is no lock-in period for Scripbox Child Advantage. You can withdraw your money at any time, and re-plan later. That gives you the flexibility to deal with any life changes, or unplanned emergencies and still keep investing.
Can I choose a goal amount of my own?
Yes, you can choose a custom goal plan too, apart from our recommended goal options.