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short term investment

Short Term Investment Meaning

Short term investment options can be easily converted into cash. The tenure for these investments ranges from one day to 5 years. These investments are of high quality and are highly liquid. They best suit investors with low understanding of...


Dividend Income: Meaning, types and tax

Dividend is the amount distributed to shareholders of a company. Companies use it as a mode to distribute the company's profits to its shareholders. Mature companies with consistent earnings over the past few years pay dividends to their shareholders. Also,...



What is a redeemable security? Redeemable security is the one which can be liquidated into cash by the issuer at investor's request. The most common redeemable security available in the market is the open-ended mutual fund. Any open-ended mutual fund...

is 5 crore enough for retirement planning

Retirement Planning for Rs 5 Crore

Is it possible to retire with a corpus of Rs 5 crore at the time of retirement? Well, it depends on your age, expenses, lifestyle after retirement and how much are you willing to contribute to retirement at that age....

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CDSL and NSDL are two electronic depositories for holding securities in India. National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) is the first depository in India. It was established in 1996.  Central Depositories Services India Ltd. (CDSL) was founded in 1999. Both the...

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kotak savings account interest rate

Kotak Bank Savings Account Interest Rates

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers an entire range of savings account for different types of investors. All the Kotak Bank Savings Accounts have an interest in the range of 3.5%-4%. Also, Kotak Mahindra Bank offers net banking and mobile banking facilities...

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Sovereign Gold Bond vs Fixed Deposit

Sovereign Gold Bonds and Fixed Deposits are popular low-risk investment options. FD has been one of the most stable and safest investment instruments for Indian investors. But SGB has become a competitive option since 2015. The Gold Monetization Scheme was...

nifty bees

Nifty BeEs : What is Nifty BeEs ETF in India? How to Invest?

Introduction Nifty BeEs is an exchange-traded fund that replicates the S&P CNX Nifty Index. It is the first ETF introduced by the benchmark in 2002 January. It trades on the National Stock Exchange and hence can be bought or sold...