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How to Increase the Chances of IPO Allotment?

IPO investments can be thrilling. It has the potential to generate significant capital gains on listing or over the years. However, popular IPOs are frequently oversubscribed, indicating that demand for their shares vastly exceeds supply. Some applicants who submit a...


​​11 Things to Consider Before Investing in IPO

There may be several reasons why a company goes for an IPO. It can be for funding its business operations, repayment of the debt, dilution of shares, etc. Similarly, your purpose of investing in an IPO may be different –...

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Operating Profit Ratio

What is Operating Profit Ratio? The operating profit ratio is the amount of money a company makes from its operations. It demonstrates the financial sustainability of a company's basic operations prior to any financial or tax-related repercussions. As a result,...

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What is GMP in IPO?

​​What is Grey Market? Formally and legally, share trade on the primary and secondary markets. Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulates primary and secondary markets. New shares are issued and sold to the general public in the primary market....

rule of 72

Rule of 72 to Double Your Money

The main motive behind investing money is to earn significant returns. But it's often difficult to earn high returns in a short duration. And, who doesn't wish to double their money? We all dream about doubling our investments as soon...

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Investing in IPOs

Many investors prefer investing in the stock market via the IPO route. However, it is not always easy to make profits through an IPO. If you invest in an IPO, you must have a strategy to help you generate returns...

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Benefits of Investing in IPO

A stock market is a popular way to build wealth. Similarly, investing in an IPO in the stock market has several advantages in both the short and long term. You can enjoy the steady growth of your investments over time....

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IPO Process in India

As an investor, if you want to invest in equities, you will also look for opportunities in upcoming IPOs. But do you know the IPO Process in India? It is essential to know the IPO process, which will help you...