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cover order

Cover Order

What is Cover Order? Cover order is another type of intraday order that combines a buy order and a compulsory stop-loss order. It has an inbuilt risk-mitigating mechanism. It helps minimise losses by safeguarding traders from unexpected market movements. Cover...

bracket order

Bracket Order

What is Bracket Order? A bracket order is an intraday order that combines a buy order, stop-loss order, and a target order. In other words, along with an initial order (buy or sell), there will be two opposite side orders...

amortized bond

Amortized Bond

When a loan is repaid, the instalments have the interest component first and the principal amount is paid when the loan matures. As opposed to this, amortization is when the instalments contain both the interest component as well as the...

ltp in share market

LTP in Share Market

The prices of most stocks change every minute, or sometimes every second. The last traded price in the share market is the price at which the last trade happened.  What is LTP in Share Market? The entire concept of LTP...

how to invest in nasdaq from india

How to Invest in Nasdaq from India?

What is Nasdaq? The NASDAQ is the American stock exchange and stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. This was the first electronic stock exchange founded in 1971. This exchange enabled investors to buy and sell stocks quickly...

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best us stocks to buy for long term

Best US Stocks to Buy for Long Term

When investing, the most important rule to remember is to diversify. Diversification of investment portfolio is very important as it helps spread the risk and bring stability in the long term. While most investors are already diversifying their investments across...

dividend yield

Dividend Yield

What is Dividend Yield? Dividend Yield is a financial ratio that measures the quantum of dividends that the company pays to its shareholders each year relative to its current market price per share. In simple terms, it is a percentage...

common stock

Common Stock

What are Common Stocks? Common stock, also known as ordinary shares or common shares, is a security that reflects the investor's ownership of a company. Holding this stock offers investors the power to elect the company's board of directors and...