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6 ways to start saving for higher studies

6 Ways To Start Saving For Higher Studies

Saving is always easier with a goal in mind. Having a goal will help in determining the target amount you are after. A goal can be buying a house or car, going on a vacation or saving for higher studies....

nyse vs nasdaq


Whenever investors talk about the stock markets in North America or around the world, two major exchanges come to mind - NYSE and NASDAQ. Both are the world's largest stock exchanges with the largest market capitalisation. The buying and selling...

nasdaq index vs dow jones

NASDAQ Index vs Dow Jones

Both Dow Jones and NASDAQ index are popular US Stock Market indices that list stocks across various sectors that investors can track. Both are popular indices, and most investors use them with similar connotations. However, there are certain differences between...

difference between shares and debentures

Difference Between Shares and Debentures 

There are different ways in which a company, business, legal entity or government can raise capital for different purposes for their operations. In other words, there are distinct forms of capital structure that can be formed by any business based...

best investment options for self employed

Best Investment Options for Self Employed in India

Being self-employed has its own pros and cons. Pros are the flexibility of work and the rules around your schedule. On the other hand, being self-employed, you may not have a regular stream of income (compared to employed individuals). No...

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best investment options for women

Best Investment Options For Women

Women empowerment has been remarkable in India over the last few years. Women are not only educated but also independent financially and socially. They are capable enough to lead a family, organisation and society. Saving money is a key priority...

Scripbox Learning Resources


When you join a company, your salary may not be the only compensation you receive. You will also receive some perks, vacation days, and possibly some company shares. Your salary may include some type of equity, most likely stock options...

How is an ipo priced or valued

How is an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Priced?

How is an IPO Priced or Valued? A significant number of private companies raise capital through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). When a firm files for an IPO, its shares become available to the public for the first time. The...