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how to check ipo subscription status

How to Check IPO Subscription Status?

The number of times an initial public offering (IPO) has been subscribed at stock exchanges is referred to as the IPO subscription. Bids for an IPO can be placed with BSE or NSE. Each exchange publishes real-time IPO subscription status...

how to check ipo allotment status

How to Check IPO Allotment Status?

Initial public offering (IPO) allotment status provides information on the number of shares allocated to the investor in an IPO. The registrar is responsible for the allocation procedure. You can know the allotment status of the allocation day. You can...

how to apply ipo in hni category

How to Apply for IPO in HNI Category?

IPOs are an excellent way for a company to garner growth and expansion opportunities by issuing new stock. Initial Public offering (IPO) is a method where companies raise capital by seeking public investments. These public investments can be through different...

list of us stock exchanges

List of Major US Stock Exchanges

A stock exchange is a marketplace where investors buy and sell securities, commodities, derivatives and other financial instruments. Earlier, brokers and traders used to physically meet at the stock exchange to trade stocks. Today most financial trading happens electronically and...

difference between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure

Differences Between Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure

The major difference between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure is that the former is for acquiring and managing fixed assets, while the latter is for managing business operations. What is Capital Expenditure? Capital Expenditure is the company’s fund on fixed...

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stock market indices

Stock Market Indices

The two well-known stock market indices in India are Nifty and Sensex. They indicate the overall performance of the stock market.  What are Stock Indices? Indexes are constructed based on a representative group of items from the entire universe and...

global stock market indices

Global Stock Market Indices

Investors use stock market indices to judge the market condition and compare the performance of their portfolios. Global stock market indices perform that task for global financial markets. What are Global Stock Market Indices? Stock market indices are indexes that...

largest stock exchanges in the world

Largest Stock Exchanges in the World

A stock exchange is a marketplace where investors can buy and sell securities, including stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities and other financial instruments. This is the most powerful component of the financial market. Also, it serves as a measure of the...