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factors affecting us stocks market

Factors Affecting US Stocks Market

US Stocks markets are driven by investor sentiment. A positive or bullish sentiment would take the market up. On the other hand, a negative or bearish sentiment would lead to the falling of the market. Micro and macro-economic factors often...

points to consider before investing in us stocks

Points to Consider Before Investing in US Stocks

Investing is no longer confined to the borders of a country. One can now invest across borders with international trading accounts. One of the first choices while diversifying one's portfolio geographically is the US Stock Market. She is one of...

indian vs us stock market

Indian Stock Market vs US Stock Market

Diversification is a key to spreading out risk in an investment portfolio. In this global economy, diversifying investments across countries is as important and essential as diversifying across asset classes. When India opened up its economy, Indians gained access not...

Difference between Primary market and Secondary market

Difference between Primary market and Secondary market

The capital market is a financial system where companies can raise money by issuing shares, bonds, debentures, etc. The primary market is where the securities are created for the first time. While the secondary market is the market dealing in...

digital gold vs physical gold

Digital Gold vs Physical Gold : Which is a better investment?

Introduction Gold is a go-to investment for Indians. Be it gold jewellery, gold coins, or biscuits, gold is consumed in every form. Every auspicious occasion is marked with the purchase of gold. With the entire world moving towards digitalization, gold...

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how to invest in us stock market

How to invest in US Stock Market?

Diversifying across industries, market capitalization, and asset classes is something that almost all investors practice while investing in Indian stocks. However, only a few investors actually diversify across borders. Firstly, due to lack of knowledge and secondly, due to higher...

bandhan bank savings account interest rate

Bandhan Bank Savings Account

Bandhan Bank offers a wide range of savings accounts for different types of investor needs. All the Bandhan Bank Savings Accounts have an interest in the range of 3%-7.15%. Also, Bandhan Bank offers phone banking, net banking, and mobile banking...

pnb savings account interest rate

PNB Savings Account Interest Rates

Punjab National Bank offers different types of savings accounts for different types of investor needs. All the PNB Savings Accounts offer an interest of 3%. PNB offers net banking and also mobile banking facilities. It also allows investors to choose...