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Second wave of Covid in India – What should you do with your equity holdings?

One of the key questions is whether equity investors should convert their equity holdings to cash given the likely economic impact of the second wave and even a third wave as is being predicted by some.

Three reasons to have a Will

If you are still unsure about getting that Will in place, here are some reasons that may convince you.

Six signs that you are ready to retire early

Here are six signs that tell you that you may be ready to hang up your boots if you wanted.

tax optimised withdrawal

All withdrawals are not equal after LTCG tax on mutual funds

We are the first mutual fund investment service with an algorithm that helps you reduce long term capital gains tax (LTCG) at the time of withdrawal.

Armed Forces Personnel, why should you consider automated investing platforms?

Your unique situation as armed forces personnel needs unique solutions that are automated and need minimal intervention from you.

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What to keep in mind when planning your finances

Whenever you create a financial plan for yourself, you will need to make a set of assumptions. These will help you figure out how much and how long it will take to reach your financial goals.

cash allocation

Should you increase cash allocation at market peaks?

To be able to gather cash at market peaks by selling some of your existing equity holdings, you need to know the peak approaching, before it actually does. Is that even possible or practical?

floating interest rate bonds

Are floating-rate bond funds the right way to ride the rising interest rates?

Is there a way to benefit from rising interest rates? Mutual funds tout floating-rate bond funds as the answer.