In a tech-enabled finance organisation, a digital interaction of the customer with our product determines how trustworthy we are. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we prioritise user experience on Scripbox.

What was the problem?

To address the elephant in the room, we’ve heard you; Scripbox has gotten complicated with the addition of more features and products. Simple actions take multiple clicks and make the user experience less than satisfactory.

What is the solution?

We asked our employees and many customers to participate in a fun activity to help us find the right solution to these problems. These solutions will go live to all customers in three parts over the next 2 to 3 months.

What are the changes that have gone live?

The changes that have gone live will make finding features and products on Scripbox simple and easy for you. 

‘Home’ is now renamed to ‘Dashboard’

‘Dashboard’ brings together everything that needs your attention. Starting with your total wealth at the top, you will now also be able to see three sections which include – 

  1. Action Plan, a recommended list of actions making it easy to find everything you need
  2. Wealth, an overview of your overall wealth with critical insights
  3. Market News, everything you need to know about the market in a jargon-free way

‘Wealth’ & ‘Wisdom’ tabs are coming in a new avatar

‘Wealth’ & ‘Wisdom’ tabs are being discontinued. Everything previously available on these pages will now be available on the ‘Dashboard’ tab.

‘More’ is now renamed to ‘Settings’

‘Settings’ brings together your profile settings where you can change your personal information, modify notification preferences, add family members, download tax statements and much more. 

What are the changes that will go live next?

  1. A bunch of changes on ‘Invest’ to make investing, withdrawing and tracking investments simpler are being developed.
  2. The ‘Action Plan’ section on ‘Dashboard’ will be personalised to give you a snapshot of your investments and any actions that require your attention.

Watch this space for new updates!