As the famous quote goes, “Change is inevitable. Change for the better is a full-time job.” 

It is our constant endeavour to improve your experience on Scripbox. In the last update, we acknowledged that Scripbox had gotten complicated with the addition of multiple features and products. Even simple actions took multiple clicks and made your experience less than satisfactory. This update is another step in the direction of making things smoother for you. 

What are the changes that have gone live?

While it may seem like too many changes, we promise to pace things out and make it simple and easy for you.

Your ‘Home’ now brings together everything that needs your attention. Starting with your wealth view at the top, you will also be able to see these sections which include – 

  1. Action Plan, a recommended list of actions making it easy to find everything you need
  2. News, everything you need to know about the market in a jargon-free way

‘My Wealth’ is here in an all new avatar

This tab is now split into two to give a more wholesome view of your wealth inside and outside of Scripbox.

  1. Plans, to quickly check your investments and how they are doing. This view also helps you visualise the purpose of each investment
  2. Wealth, gives an overview of your investments, loans and insurance

‘Invest’ is now renamed to ‘Transact’

‘Transact’ brings together all your transactional needs under one tab making it easier to access –

  1. Start a new investment, one-time or SIP
  2. Explore new mutual funds or plans to invest in
  3. Explore new products such as NPS, Bonds to invest in
  4. Track in-progress transactions
  5. View transaction history
  6. Invest more in plans that you already invest in
  7. Withdraw from your investments
  8. View and download your tax and capital gains statements, and much more

‘Wisdom’ tab is discontinued

Everything previously available on this tab will now be available on the ‘Home’ tab.

‘More’ is now renamed to ‘Settings’

‘Settings’ brings together your profile settings where you can change your personal information, modify notification preferences, add family members, and much more. 

What are the changes that will go live next?

  1. The ‘Action Plan’ section on ‘Home’ will be personalised to give you a snapshot of your financial health and any actions that require your attention
  2. Investment Plans are getting an upgrade. You will be able to add external investments to each plan, check the plan’s asset allocation, set individual growth strategy, and so much more

Watch this space for new updates!