Tax Saver Plan

A personalised ELSS mutual funds portfolio that helps you grow wealth while saving taxes, the smart way.

11.30% 5Y growth 
5+ years recommended duration
Shortest lock-in of 3 years
Invest now
18,000+Crores AUM
12+ YearsAs Digital Wealth Managers
2,500+Cities Served

Growth strategy that is right for you!



Tax advantage allocation

Recommended allocation to help you save tax under Sec 80C.



What is this plan for?

Grow wealth while saving tax

Better growth than FDs, PPF and insurance while saving taxes under Sec 80C.

Maximise your salary

To draw your maximum salary throughout the year, and get instant investment proofs.

Shortest lock-in period

To benefit from the tax-saving option that only has a 3 year lock-in period, while delivering optimal growth.

Frequently asked questions.

How does Tax Saver compare with to Sec 80C Tax Saving instruments?
Tax Saver has the shortest lock-in-period, highest historic growth rate and let's you start with an investment amount as low as Rs. 500.
How much tax can I save with Tax Saver?
Tax Saver invests in ELSS funds that are eligible for tax benefits under section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act.
Under this section, one can invest a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakhs. Assuming one falls under the highest tax bracket of 30%, they can save up to Rs. 45,000 in taxes.
How to claim the tax benefits offered by Tax Saver?
In order to claim the tax benefits, you will be provided with a tax investment certificate that can be downloaded from your Scripbox dashboard.
Steps to download the statement:
  • Login to your Scripbox account
  • Click on Profile tab
  • Click on Tax Statement

This Statement can be handed over to the finance/HR team as proof of investment.