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Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

Calculate your return on investment when you Invest via SIP using this calculator.

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) helps you to make small investments in mutual funds at regular intervals that can grow your money in the smartest way possible.

Tell us how much you can start with investing (it can be as low as Rs.1000 per month) and we will tell you, based on our SIP return calculator, how much your money would have grown.

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SIP investments, except tax saving SIPs, can be increased by step up percentage every year. Stepping up helps to achieve targets faster . It should, generally, be equal to the average annual pay hike. 10% is suggested.







Returns for different time durations

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest through SIP?

SIP gives benefit of unit cost averaging nullifying the impact of market volatility. It is a disciplined approach to investing which uses the power of compounding to build wealth in long term.

SIPs bring discipline to investing in mutual funds by allowing you to invest a small amount every month. You can start with as low as Rs.1000/- month. That’s the money that you will typically spend over a weekend. The entire process is automated. You only need to set up a SIP once. Money gets deducted from your bank and it will remain invested according to your plan

Use the SIP calculator to calculate the wealth gain and expected returns on your SIP investments.

Which is the Best SIP in India 2019 & 2018 ?

Here are the best funds recommended by Scripbox to invest as SIP

Long Term Wealth

Short Term Wealth

Fund Returns (5 years)
Tata Liquid Fund (G) 7.58%
Kotak Savings Fund (G) 7.93%
ICICI Prudential Savings Fund (G) 8.27%

Tax saver Plan

Emergency Fund

Fund Returns (5 years)
Axis Liquid Fund (G) 7.84%
Tata Liquid Fund (G) 7.58%

What is the meaning of SIP?

A SIP is a systematic investment plan which lets you invest a fixed amount periodically in a mutual fund. For example, if you start a monthly SIP of ₹1000 in a mutual fund, that amount will automatically be deducted from your bank account and invested in that mutual fund every month on the pre-decided date. SIP is essentially an automated investing plan.

Is investing in SIP a good idea? What are the benefits of investing in SIP?

Yes, investing in SIP is always a good idea. It keeps you disciplined, is easy to monitor, takes advantage of rupee cost averaging, can be increased or reduced anytime.

SIP is considered the best investment habit because of the following reasons:

  • Flexibility-Increase or decrease the investment amount according to your convenience
  • Liquidity-Withdraw the investment amount when you need it
  • Simplicity-Simple and disciplined way to create wealth
  • Inflation-Proof- Regular interval investment reduces the impact of inflation on savings

How does SIP Calculator work?

SIP returns are calculated according to compound interest. You can enter the amount you wish to invest every month, choose the number of years you wish to continue the investment for, and our calculator will automatically calculate the amount of return. It will also show you a comparative your SIP return vs Fixed Deposits. You can also enter the target amount you would like to achieve and can reverse calculate the SIP amount required to achieve it. You can set a return rate(Equity 15 % , Debt 8 % Balanced 10.5 % ) or choose a mutual fund and calculate the SIP Returns

How long should I invest in SIP?

There is no fixed rule for this but a SIP for five years and above, especially in equity or ELSS mutual funds have a low risk for loss. Short-term investments in these funds can have higher returns but also come with a high risk of loss.

Is SIP safer than lumpsum investments?

Yes, they are much safer. Since the markets go up and down (volatility) your investments in a SIP carry much lower risk as the investment points are spread out over a long tenure. When the markets are high, you buy fewer units of the fund and when the markets are low, you buy more units for the same amount.

What are the best fund schemes to invest in SIP?

Equity Mutual Funds, ELSS funds are one of the best fund schemes to invest in SIP. All of these are meant for the long-term and hence a SIP allows you to stay invested in them without worrying too much.

How to invest in SIP? What happens once I have opted for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) investment with Scripbox?

It is simple, once you have opted for a SIP with Scripbox, we will send you an alert to link your bank account to set up automatic payments. This is a completely paperless process. The money will get deducted only upon your instructions.

Once the automatic payments are set up, you only need to tell us when you would like to start a SIP and we will ensure that the amount invested in the recommended funds by Scripbox.