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A systematic Investment Plan or SIP helps you make regular investments. Investors can grow their money by investing small installments in mutual funds. SIP is the smartest investment option for an investor and offers great returns. A SIP calculator is an online tool useful for calculating the returns from a SIP investment. Use our HDFC SIP calculator to get an estimate of how much return an investment made today can generate.

Best HDFC SIP Plans with Highest Return in 2024

Name5 Year Return Monthly SIPMaturity Amount
HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G)26%₹ 10,000₹ 12,34,822
HDFC Small Cap Fund (G)24.4%₹ 10,000₹ 11,77,225
HDFC Large and Mid Cap Fund (G)22.5%₹ 10,000₹ 11,12,909
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan (G)22.5%₹ 10,000₹ 11,12,909
HDFC Infrastructure Fund (G)22%₹ 10,000₹ 10,96,683
HDFC Focused 30 Fund (G)20.8%₹ 10,000₹ 10,58,880
HDFC Flexi Cap Fund (G)20.5%₹ 10,000₹ 10,49,674
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund (G)19.3%₹ 10,000₹ 10,13,796
HDFC ELSS TaxSaver fund (G)19.1%₹ 10,000₹ 10,07,960
HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund (G)18.8%₹ 10,000₹ 9,99,283

Returns from HDFC mutual fund sip plans are just an estimation based on the fund’s past performance and it doesn’t guarantee future returns. The actual returns are subject to fund and market performance.

What is a HDFC SIP Calculator?

HDFC SIP Calculator is an online tool that is useful in estimating the return from a SIP investment. The calculator works automatically to calculate the return on investment. The ROI calculation is based on the simple inputs provided by the user. An investor must enter investment amount or target amount, expected rate of return, tenure of investment, and step-up percentage. Scripbox’s HDFC SIP calculator gives the output in easily comprehensible formats. It includes both graphical and chart formats. The output generated clearly shows the maturity amount based on investment and potential capital gains.
The HDFC SIP calculator works on two calculation approaches – the investment amount approach and the target amount approach. The investment amount approach is useful for investors who know the amount they can invest periodically. Whereas, the target amount approach does calculation based on the amount an investor wants to achieve. It tells them the investment required to reach the target amount by the end of the preferred duration.
Users must note that the HDFC SIP calculator only gives an estimate based on the inputs provided. The calculator can only give a fair idea but doesn’t guarantee any returns. Return will depend upon the performance of the mutual fund. Also, the actual return from the mutual fund investment can differ from the estimated amount. It can be higher or lower than the estimate given by the calculator.

How does the HDFC Systematic Investment Plan Calculator work?

HDFC SIP calculator uses the compound interest formula to estimate the potential return. The calculator determines the return by taking into account the number of times compounding is applicable. The HDFC SIP calculator requires inputs from the investor. These are the monthly investment amount, number of years of investment, and expected rate of return on the SIP.
HDFC online SIP calculator will use these inputs to automatically calculate the maturity amount. It also gives an estimate of the wealth to be gained from the mutual fund investments. An investor can also enter the target amount based on a financial goal to reverse calculate the investment amount. The calculator will show the monthly SIP amount to be invested. It will take into account the given tenure and rate of growth during reverse calculation as well.

How is HDFC SIP return calculated?

HDFC SIP return is calculated using different methods, namely absolute return, annualized returns, CAGR, and XIRR. However, the most effective method to estimate SIP returns is CAGR.
CAGR is also known as Compound Annual Growth Rate. It is the rate of growth of an investment in a year for the entire tenure of the investment.
Following is the formula of CAGR:
CAGR = (ending value/beginning value) ^ (1/number of years or months) – 1*100
Ending value is the Net Asset Value or NAV at the time of withdrawal,
Beginning value is the NAV at the time of investment.
The number of months or years is the tenure of the investment.


Here is an example to illustrate SIP return calculation using HDFC SIP Calculator:
Ms. Anu has invested INR 2,52,000 (INR 3,000 a month) in a mutual fund when the NAV is INR 20. At the time of withdrawal after seven years, the NAV is INR 50. Using the CAGR formula, we can estimate SIP returns for Ms. Anu.
Formula for CAGR = (ending-value/beginning – value) ^ (1/number-of-years) – 1* 100
CAGR = (((50/20) ^ (1/7)) – 1) * 100
resultant CAGR = 13.98%
This means the investment has grown 13.98% each year for a tenure of 7 years.
The return will remain the same in terms of months as well.
CAGR = (((50/20) ^ (12/84)) – 1) * 100
CAGR = 13.98% ~ 14%

How to use HDFC Systematic Investment Calculator?

An estimate of potential returns satisfies the investor’s curiosity. Estimating returns ensures the investor knows the outcome of his chosen SIP. The investor can analyze if the SIP will help him realize their financial goals or not in the said duration.
Scripbox’s online HDFC SIP calculator is available on the Scripbox website. One can estimate the potential returns on their SIPs at the end of a pre-decided investment tenure with the help of our HDFC SIP calculator. Scripbox’s HDFC SIP calculator provides two options to estimate the growth in wealth and maturity amount. The two approaches are based on ‘Investment Amount’ and ‘Target Amount’.

Investment Amount Approach

The investment amount approach uses the monthly amount an investor can put in the SIP. To estimate potential SIP returns with this approach the individual must know how much they can invest monthly. Under this approach, one has to follow the below steps to determine their potential returns in the selected tenure:

  • Firstly, mention the investment amount for a month
  • Next, enter the expected growth rate
  • Write the investment duration in years
  • Finally, submit the step-up percentage. Step Up is a yearly increment in the investment amount which aligns estimates with the investor’s income growth. In other words, investors can invest an additional amount to their SIP investments every year by the step-up %. This helps to achieve their financial goals earlier than estimated. The step-up % should generally be equal to the percentage rise in the individual’s annual pay.

The calculator uses the inputs to automatically estimate the potential gains of an investment at the end of the tenure. It simplifies the calculation of SIP Maturity Amount and presents it in either a chart or table form. As a result, an investment graph is generated which is easy to understand. It provides a visualization of the maturity amount and the wealth gained during the investment tenure. Alternatively, in the table format, the Step-Up value every year can be easily readable (indicated with a blue arrow).
Furthermore, the Scripbox HDFC SIP calculator uses a scenario-based calculation to estimate maturity amount. The scenarios are above-average returns, average returns, and below-average returns.

Target Amount Approach

The target amount approach is based on a financial goal the investor wants to achieve. HDFC SIP calculator helps in estimating the monthly investment (SIP) amount an investor needs to invest. However, for this approach, one should know the final amount or target amount they wish to get as a return and define an investment tenure. Under this approach, one has to follow the below steps to determine the monthly investment amount:

  • Firstly, enter the expected target amount
  • Now, provide the expected growth rate
  • Next, give the investment duration in years

Finally, submit the step-up percentage. Step Up is the projected increase in the investment amount every year relying on investor’s income growth. In other words, an investor can increase the SIP investment every year by the step-up percentage. This helps one to achieve the financial goal faster and invest systematically. The step-up % should generally be equal to the estimated rise in the individual’s annual pay.
The SIP calculator will use the target amount approach to automatically estimate the SIP target amount. The SIP target amount table shows the calculation of all details of an investment. Such as tenure, investment amount, interest percentage, and maturity amount. Also, in the table, one can easily identify the Step-Up value for each year (indicated with a blue arrow).
Furthermore, it is important to know that mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Hence, investors should be mindful of the investment risks. It is important to understand that the calculator estimates the potential returns on investment and doesn’t guarantee them.

What are the Benefits of using the HDFC SIP Calculator ?

Research and analysis are essential before making an investment decision. Also, one must analyze the profitability of an investment and estimate the potential returns before investing. It is important to make sure the investor’s financial objectives are aligned with the investment objective of the asset. This helps investors to select the right asset that will help them realize their goals faster.
The following are the benefits of the SIP calculator or mutual fund SIP return calculator:

Estimate maturity amount

The HDFC SIP calculator helps investors to estimate their potential returns in a pre-decided investment tenure. They get to know the approximate amount they would achieve by the end of the investment duration. It also helps in calculating the monthly investment amount based on a goal the investor wants to achieve. If the investor knows how much they want to earn in a fixed number of years they can calculate the monthly installments to be invested.

Easy to use

Scipbox’s HDFC SIP calculator is quite easy to use and quick to navigate. One has to simply enter the required details to estimate their potential returns. Also, the calculator saves investors time and effort from doing complex calculations. The calculator estimates the approximate maturity amount and the required monthly investment amount within seconds.

Graphical and Tabular Representation

The HDFC SIP calculator shows the return estimates in both graphical and tabulated forms. This helps investors to understand the investment requirements, their returns and easily make informed decisions.

Maturity amount based on growth scenarios

The HDFC SIP calculator estimates the returns based on three growth scenarios. The three growth scenarios are based on above average, average, and below-average returns. Potential investors can select the scenario that aligns with their investment requirements before they start investing.

Step Up

The Scripbox HDFC SIP calculator provides an opportunity for the investor to step-up their investments annually. Stepping up SIPs will help investors to achieve their financial goals faster. Also, the step-up details can be found in the table format of the HDFC SIP maturity amount estimation.

Informed Decision

Investors can compare multiple return scenarios using the free online HDFC SIP calculator and make the right investment decisions that will help them earn significant returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open a HDFC SIP?

The SIP mutual fund investments in HDFC can be made in a simple 3-step process:
Step 1
Understand the objective of your investment before moving forward with the investment. Once your financial goals are decided, it will help identify the right asset class for your investment.
Step 2
Next, select the right category of a mutual fund depending upon the exposure you wish to have in equity or debt as per step-1.
Before actually investing, you must complete the HDFC SIP application form. You must also provide identity and address proof and complete KYC details.
Step 3
Select the date of SIP. You can either transfer the amount yourself or enable the auto-debit option. Under this, the amount will automatically debit from your bank account on the specified date.

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