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HDFC Mutual Funds ISIN Code

Mutual Fund NameISINAMFI CodeFair Market Value (NAV as on 31st Jan 2018)
HDFC Gold Fund (G)INF179K01LC5108809.93
HDFC Floating Rate Debt Wholesale Plan (G)INF179K01707HISWG29.82
HDFC Overnight fund (G)INF179KB1HS3H572622.75
HDFC Low Duration (G)INF179K014422383036.13
HDFC Index Nifty 50 fund (G)INF179K01KZ8INNP98.74
HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund (G)INF179KA1GC01292514.23
HDFC Index Sensex fund (G)INF179K01LA923843315.18
HDFC Liquid Fund (G)INF179KB1HK0LFGN3371.88
HDFC Money Market fund (G)INF179KB1HR5238273559.19
HDFC Short Term Debt Fund (G)INF179K01CU61075418.92
HDFC Medium Term Debt Fund (G)INF179K019132384134.18
HDFC Corporate Bond fund (G)INF179K01DC21076819.05
HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund (G)INF179K01996HTPG361.14
HDFC Gilt Fund (G)INF179K017562383634.51
HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G)INF179K01CR2MCOG58.63
HDFC Arbitrage Fund Retail (G)INF179K013191026120.19
HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund (G)INF179K01AE42384844.20
HDFC Multi Asset fund (G)INF179K01AP02385331.33
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund (G)INF179K01830HGFG197.59
HDFC Arbitrage Fund Wholesale Plan (G)INF179K013431025920.60
HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund (G)INF179K01AS4PREG53.47
HDFC Equity Savings Fund (G)INF179K01AM7MULG35.48
HDFC Flexi Cap Fund (G)INF179K01608H02672.32
HDFC Dividend Yield Fund (G)INF179KC1AR957517
HDFC Top 100 Fund (G)INF179K01BE2H44481.89
HDFC Small Cap Fund (G)INF179KA1RZ8ACGPG45.76
HDFC Capital Builder Value Fund (G)INF179K01426H62307.85
HDFC Ultra S T Fund (G)INF179KB11R320255
HDFC Income Fund (G)INF179K01962HIFG37.88
HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund (G)INF179KC1AX71781410.32
HDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund (G)INF179KA1JC41293213.89
HDFC TaxSaver fund (G)INF179K01BB8H32559.13
HDFC Focused 30 Fund (G)INF179K015742383386.19
HDFC Infrastructure Fund (G)INF179K01GF81022922.22
HDFC Dynamic Debt Plan (G)INF179K01848H1258.09
HDFC Large and Mid Cap Fund (G)INF179KA1RT110474117.27
HDFC Asset Allocator Fund of Funds (G)INF179KC1BD787218
HDFC Childrens Gift Fund Lock in (G)23831118.75
HDFC Developed World Indexes Fund of Funds (G)INF179KC1BP197230
HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds Plan A (G)INF179KA1SF81095318.55
HDFC Multi Cap Fund (G)INF179KC1BV998428
HDFC NIFTY Next 50 Index Fund (G)INF179KC1BR797965
HDFC Nifty 100 Index Fund (G)INF179KC1BZ0100699
HDFC Nifty 100 Equal Weight Index Fund (G)INF179KC1CB9100701
HDFC Banking & Financial Services Fund (G)INF179KC1BJ490075
HDFC NIFTY50 Equal Weight Index Fund (G)INF179KC1BN697120
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan (G)INF179KB1MG81375117.54
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Hybrid Equity Plan (G)INF179KB1MI41375316.24
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Hybrid Debt Plan (G)INF179KB1MK01375512.65
HDFC Childrens Gift Fund (G)17504118.75