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quantum mutual fund

Quantum Mutual Fund ISIN Number

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Quantum Mutual Fund ISIN Code

Mutual Fund NameISINAMFI CodeFair Market Value (NAV as on 31st Jan 2018)
Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund (G)INF082J012181459512.81
Quantum ELSS Tax Saver Fund (G)INF082J013661460654.84
Quantum Liquid Fund (G)INF082J013091460123.63
Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund (G)INF082J01242QT155.15
Quantum Nifty 50 ETF Fund of Fund (G)INF082J01424105474
Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds (G)INF082J013411460417.32
Quantum ESG Best In Class Strategy Fund (G)INF082J0139022721
Quantum Gold Savings Fund (G)INF082J013581459912.54
Quantum Equity Fund of Funds (G)INF082J012751459836.01
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