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Kotak Mutual Fund ISIN Number

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Kotak Mutual Fund ISIN Code

Mutual Fund NameISINAMFI CodeFair Market Value (NAV as on 31st Jan 2018)
Kotak Gold Fund (G)INF174K01AT31084312.63
Kotak Nifty SDL Apr 2027 Top 12 Equal Weight Index Fund (G)INF174KA1II8100635
Kotak Savings Fund (G)INF174K01FD6K13527.44
Kotak Nifty SDL Apr 2032 Top 12 Equal Weight Index Fund (G)INF174KA1IO6100641
Kotak Overnight fund (G)INF174KA1BC621464
Kotak Infrastructure & Economic Reform Fund Standard Plan (G)INF178L010951023622.91
Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund (G)INF174K013022391324.61
Kotak Bluechip fund (G)INF174K01153K13232.16
Kotak Dynamic Bond (G)INF174K01FA21038722.04
Kotak Bond fund (G)INF174K01EM02390746.91
Kotak Equity Hybrid fund (G)INF174K01E921321725.03
Kotak Gilt Investment Fund Provident Fund and Trust (G)INF174K01FL92392858.43
Kotak Bond Short Term Plan (G)INF174K01ES72391032.04
Kotak Gilt Investment Fund (G)INF174K01FI52392357.11
Kotak Banking and PSU Debt fund (G)INF174K01FO32392538.75
Kotak Equity Savings Fund (G)INF174K01C781318913.42
Kotak Credit Risk Fund (G)INF174K01DY71072618.86
Kotak Focused Equity Fund (G)INF174KA1EK322759
Kotak Small Cap fund (G)INF174K012112393581.70
Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme (G)INF174K01DS9K12340.79
Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund (G)INF174K01187K108119.82
Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund (G)INF174KA118619518
Kotak India EQ Contra Fund (G)INF174K012452391549.70
Kotak Money Market fund (G)INF174K01NA6239212811.14
Kotak Debt Hybrid fund (G)INF174K013932392929.79
Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Scheme (G)INF174K013692393742.81
Kotak Low Duration Fund Standard Plan (G)INF178L01202103932093.40
Kotak Medium Term fund (G)INF174K01VL61291914.24
Kotak Flexicap Fund (G)INF174K01336K16834.07
Kotak Liquid Fund (G)INF174K01NI9K4703471.66
Kotak Corporate Bond Standard Plan (G)INF178L01BO1102922252.25
Kotak Floating Rate Fund (G)INF174KA1DY622547
Kotak Pioneer Fund (G)INF174KA1EW823137
Kotak Global Innovation Fund of Fund (G)INF174KA1HD190184
Kotak Manufacture in India Fund (G)INF174KA1IC1100615
Kotak Multicap Fund (G)INF174KA1HS997226
Kotak Nifty SDL Plus AAA PSU Bond Jul 2028 60 40 Index Fd fund (G)INF174KA1JQ9106116
Kotak Nifty Next 50 Index Fund (G)INF174KA1FX357804
Kotak International REIT FOF fund (G)INF174KA1FL857582
Kotak Multi Asset Allocator Fund of Fund Dynamic (G)INF174K014682391775.55
Kotak Business Cycle Fund (G)INF174KA1JK2105878
Kotak All Weather Debt Fund of Funds (G)INF174KA1KG8106149
Kotak Nifty SDL Jul 2026 Index Fund (G)INF174KA1KZ8108614
Kotak ESG Exclusionary Strategy Fund (G)INF174KA1FF057491
Kotak Nifty 50 Index Fund (G)INF174KA1GX190062
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