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L&T Mutual Fund ISIN Code

Mutual Fund NameISINAMFI CodeFair Market Value (NAV as on 31st Jan 2018)
L&T Arbitrage Opportunities Fund (G)INF917K01QL81302512.69
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund (G)INF917K01QC7LEBFG28.21
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund (G)INF917K01AH0F0242.79
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund (G)INF917K01LB01081026.83
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund (G)INF917K01AS72411327.98
L&T Short Term Bond Fund (G)INF917K01CL81089316.39
L&T India Value fund (G)INF677K01023FIVFG39.30
L&T Liquid Fund (G)INF917K01JH1154L2348.29
L&T Balanced Advantage Fund (G)INF917K01KY41081223.01
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund Cumulative (G)INF917K01AN82411426.92
L&T Focused Equity Fund (G)INF917K01B1420573
L&T Nifty 50 Index Fund (G)INF917K01D3825486
L&T Banking & PSU Debt fund (G)INF677K01AE71032415.16
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund (G)INF917K01TH01332012.81
L&T Business Cycles fund (G)INF917K01RF81307617.59
L&T Flexi Bond Fund (G)INF677K019161015418.35
L&T Infrastructure Fund (G)INF917K015361016418.74
L&T Credit Risk Fund (G)INF917K011301064819.66
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund (G)INF917K010562412033.04
L&T Nifty Next 50 Index Fund (G)INF917K01D9525480
L&T Large and Midcap Fund (G)INF677K01098FISSG51.67
L&T Midcap Fund (G)INF917K0125417148.78
L&T Overnight Fund (G)INF917K01EI0100981335.42
L&T Gilt Fund (G)INF917K01BP12411642.15
L&T India Large Cap Fund (G)INF677K01155FFIGFG26.82
L&T Equity Savings fund (G)INF917K01AA51087217.37
L&T Money Market Fund (G)INF917K01BC92412316.96
L&T Flexicap Fund (G)INF677K01031FFEF-G85.82
L&T Low Duration Fund (G)INF677K014521079718.47
L&T Tax Advantage Fund (G)INF677K01064FTAFG58.34