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List of Upcoming IPOs in India in July 2024

Company NameIssue PriceLot SizeOpen DateClose Date
Cello World617.00-648.002330-Oct01-Nov
Transteel Seati67.00-70.00200030-Oct01-Nov
Maitreya Medica78.00-82.00160027-Oct01-Nov
Vrundavan Plant108.00120030-Oct01-Nov
Honasa Consumer308.00-324.004631-Oct02-Nov
Mish Designs122.00100031-Oct02-Nov
SAR Televenture52.00-55.00200001-Nov03-Nov
Baba Food Proce72.00-76.00160003-Nov07-Nov
Shanthala FMCG91.00120027-Oct31-Oct
KK Shah Hospita45.00300027-Oct31-Oct

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum investment in an ipo for retail investors?

According to SEBI guidelines, the maximum investment for an IPO for retail investors is Rs.5 lakh using the UPI application.

What are the prerequisites of applying for an IPO? 

As an investor, the following are the prerequisites of applying for an IPO
– Firstly, you need to be an adult (18+ years age)
– You must hold a valid demat account. In case you wish to sell stocks subscribed during IPO, you will also need a trading account. Moreover, it is advisable to open a trading account along with a demat account when you are investing in an IPO for the first time. 
– Additionally, it is mandatory to hold a PAN to open a Demat account in India. Also, your bank account must be linked to your demat account.
Besides this, you must also do proper research about the company IPO you wish to invest in. Some companies have performed greatly while some have a lacklustre performance. 

Do I need a demat account for investing in an ipo?

Yes you require a demat account for investing in an IPO. Once the IPO application is completed the respective shares will automatically be credited to your demat account. 

What are the next big upcoming ipos?

The next big upcoming IPOs are NSE which plans to raise INR 10,000 crores, OYO rooms plans to raise INR 8,430 crores and Bajaj Energy plans to raise INR 5,450 crores.

How can individuals apply in upcoming ipos online?

Individuals can apply for upcoming IPOs online through their broker or bank account. Through brokers, investors have to look for the IPO tab, select the IPO, place the bid and make the payment. Through a bank account, locate the ASBA tab and click on apply IPO. Fill the required details and submit the application. 

How do I get an application form for an upcoming ipo?

There are 2 ways to get the IPO application form. You can visit the nearest broking firm or bank to obtain the form for IPO. Also, you can download the ASBA form online from the NSE or BSE website. 

Can i cancel or revise ipo application before allotment?

Yes, you can cancel or revise the IPO application before allotment by writing to the Registrar directly. The IPO cancellation window closes once the issue subscription window is closed. 

What is the issue size in ipo?

The issue size in an IPO depicts how big the company IPO is. The issue size is decided based on company valuation and its growth prospects. Also, it represents the number of shares that the company will offer to the public for subscription. 

How to delete the ipo mandate?

You can delete the IPO mandate by cancelling or withdrawing the IPO till the closure of issue. You have to initiate this through the intermediary with whom the IPO application was submitted for bidding. 

How to withdraw the ipo application?

You can withdraw the IPO application online by going to the order book, select the IPO and withdraw. The money which is blocked will be released in one or two days. In case the online option is not available to withdraw the application, you need to contact your broker or bank through whom you have applied.