Best Large Cap Mutual Funds in 2020 - Best Performing Large Cap Mutual Funds in India

Best Large Cap Mutual Funds - Consider the best performing Large Cap mutual funds to invest in 2020 with Find the list of best Large Cap mutual funds in India on the basis of Returns, Latest Nav, Ratings, Performance etc

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Best Large Cap Mutual Funds

Inflation beating returns

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    Inflation beating long term returns

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    Scripbox pre-selects the 4 best equity mutual fundutual fund schemes

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    Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Regular Growth

    • EQUITY
    • Large Cap
    ₹ 15,347.16 Cr
    Fund Size
    ₹ 1,000
    Min Investment
    12+ Yrs
    Return (5yr)
  • founder-logo

    Axis Bluechip Fund Growth

    • EQUITY
    • Large Cap
    ₹ 12,716.81 Cr
    Fund Size
    ₹ 1,000
    Min Investment
    10+ Yrs
    Return (5yr)
Long Term Wealth
Inflation beating Growth Rate
  • 5+ years
  • 12-14%
    Growth Rate
  • No Lock-in
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Inflation beating long-term returns


Scripbox pre-selects the 4 best equity mutual funds for you from over 400 equity mutual fund schemes.

What are Best Large Cap Mutual Funds?

Large cap mutual funds in India are equity funds that invest in companies with large market capitalization. These are usually the firms ranked between 1 and 100 by full market capitalization. These firms have a good track record with proper management, strong balance sheet, and sustainable business models. Best large cap mutual funds are actively managed and are suitable for long term financial goals. As they invest in the top 100 companies, these fare well during market fluctuations when compared to other equity funds like mid cap and small cap. Large cap mutual funds are suitable for an investor with moderately-high risk appetite and long investment horizon.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Investing in Large Cap Mutual Funds?



Large cap companies are reliable, reputable, have robust policies and corporate governance in place. There are hardly any chances for them to go out of business. They are not affected much by market volatility.


Large cap funds have higher liquidity than mid cap and small cap funds.

Lower risk within equity

Large cap funds invest in well-established businesses. Large cap stocks can withstand market turbulence better than mid cap and small cap companies. Hence they are less risky than mid cap and small caps.

Steady income

Large caps companies have strong cash flow and have already achieved growth. They wouldn't have to reinvest a lot for business growth. Hence they give out more and regular dividends.

Well researched portfolio

Large cap companies have their presence in the market for many years. Hence fund managers have access to their financial and management information. Fund managers have enough information to curate a well-researched portfolio to form a large cap fund.


Low growth

The scope for growth for large cap companies is less than mid cap and small cap companies.

Not suitable for short term investment

Unlike debt funds, large cap funds cannot be invested for shorter horizons like 3-6 months. One has to stay invested for at least a period of 3 years to start getting good returns.

No exceptional return in a growing market

In a bullish market or growth phase, the growth from these companies wouldn't be as high as the mid cap or small caps. This is because they have already reached the top of the growth curve.

Who Should Invest in Large Cap Mutual Funds?

Large cap mutual funds showcase less volatility and risk as compared to small cap and mid cap funds and offer stable and higher returns. Long term investors seeking equity exposure can invest in the best large cap mutual funds over the mid cap and small cap. The stock in which large cap mutual funds invest has performed consistently during both market highs and lows. Returns from large cap funds are less volatile to market fluctuations. An investor who does not want their capital to fluctuate more than the market rate should invest in large cap mutual funds. Best large cap mutual funds in India follow the same strategy and invest in the top 100 companies by market capitalization. Therefore, investors with a good understanding of risk having long term investment horizon can invest in the best large cap mutual funds in India. While mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, investing in the best large cap mutual funds ensures stable and secured returns even during a market downfall.

Things to Consider as an Investor when Investing in Best Large Cap Mutual Funds?

Large cap funds, which invest in the top 100 companies based on market capitalization, are actively managed by fund managers. They are well-researched funds and aim at delivering high returns for investors who invest in equity through large cap funds. But an investor has to consider a few things before investing in a portfolio curated from the top 100 companies in the market.

Financial goals

The investor needs to identify financial goals and in how many years the goal has to be realized. For investing in large cap funds, the minimum investment horizon has to be three years. The longer the investor stays invested, the more stable the returns will be over some time.

Expense ratio

The expense ratio for equity funds is capped at 2.5%. For large cap funds, the AUM is higher, and the expense ratio is lower. Investors have to check the fund's expense ratio as it directly affects the fund's returns. A lower rate is always better.

Exit load

Fund houses charge an exit load of 1% if the investment is redeemed before 12 months. As an investor, one has to be sure their invested money is not needed on an urgent basis when investing in large cap funds.


The taxation for large cap funds is based on the holding period of the investment. In the short term, less than one year, the gains are taxed at 15% (plus 4% cess), and in the long term, the gains above INR 1,00,000 are taxed at 10% (plus 4% cess). Apart from this, large cap funds are also subject to securities transaction tax of 0.001% when an investor sells the units of the fund. For the dividend option, the dividend distribution tax has been removed effectively from April 1st, 2020. Now the dividend will be taxed in the hands of investors at their slab rate. For dividends over INR 5,000, a TDS of 10% will be levied by the fund houses.

Consistency in past performance

Past performance of the fund also plays an important role which the investor should consider before investing. A fund performing well in the past might not guarantee the same returns in the future. But a fund which has performed consistently well in the past might also perform well in the future. Hence, consistency in past performance is essential.

How to Choose the Best Large Cap Mutual Funds in 2020?

Investments are fun when they earn good returns. This is only possible by choosing the right fund. The following qualitative parameters help in selecting the best large cap mutual fund:

Qualitative Factors

Investment Goal

Identifying and defining goals is the very first step in the investment process. Goals need to be broken down based on duration, and appropriate funds need to be selected to achieve each goal. Equity funds are good for long term goals equity funds and are large cap funds for stable returns.


Buying a mutual fund means buying the stock portfolio of the fund. A stock portfolio is a deciding factor for returns. Therefore, it is wise to check the portfolio quality by analyzing the assets under management. For significant cap mutual funds, consider funds with relatively high AUM to earn stable returns.

Fund Manager's Experience

Experience doesn't ensure good returns. However, a fund manager who has been in the industry for long will have a better investment strategy when compared to a new entrant. Therefore, while choosing a large cap mutual fund, study the track record of the fund manager as well. This ensures that his investment strategies are functional and have the potential to earn higher returns.

Expense Ratio

This is the fee charged by the fund house for the maintenance of the fund. Invest in funds with a lower expense ratio as a higher expense ratio would lower the returns.

Exit Load

Most equity funds charge 1% exit load when withdrawn within 12 months, and no exit load after 12 months. Since large cap mutual funds are for the long term, this wouldn't have much of an impact. However, in case of emergencies, withdrawals within 12 months are possible. Therefore, be aware of the exit load charged by the fund before investing.

Some Of The Best Large Cap Mutual Funds
  1. Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Regular Growth
  1. Axis Bluechip Fund Growth

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