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sweep in fd

What is Sweep In FD? How Does Auto Sweep FD Works?

An auto sweep-in FD will allow investors to invest excess funds lying idle in a bank account in a fixed deposit account to earn higher returns. Not only can they earn a higher FD rate of interest, but they can...

short term fd

Short Term Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit is one the most traditional forms of investments for people in India. It encourages savings and guarantees returns in the form of interest. There are different types of fixed deposit options available for individuals to choose from. This...

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Premature FD Withdrawal Penalty

Fixed deposit is the most popular investment choice for investors. They strive to balance their investment portfolio by investment in fixed deposits. You can earn guaranteed returns at a predetermined interest rate upon maturity without any risk of market fluctuations....

gold moneitsation scheme

Gold Monetisation Scheme

In many Indian households, there are tonnes of gold that are lying idle. To turn this unused gold into productive assets, the Government of India has launched a scheme in 1999 called the Gold Deposit Scheme (GDS). However, in the...

fixed deposit double scheme

Fixed Deposit Double Scheme

Investors dream of growing their wealth at minimum risk. They look for ways to double their money and try multiple ways to achieve it. But, it is impossible to double a person’s investment in a very short span with minimal...

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fcnr deposit

FCNR Deposit

What is an FCNR Deposit? FCNR refers to Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account. Thus, FCNR account is a fixed deposit account that provides Non-Resident Indians with an option to park their foreign earnings in different banks of India. Also, this account...

Fixed Deposit Articles

Disadvantages of Taking Loan Against Fixed Deposit in 2023

A loan against a Fixed Deposit (FD) can be a convenient option for individuals who need quick access to funds without breaking their FD. However, there are some disadvantages associated with this type of loan: 9 Disadvantages of Loan Against...