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What is Consolidated Mutual Fund Statement?

A consolidated mutual fund statement is a summary of all the mutual fund transactions. Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) is a physical statement that records all your financial activities across various mutual funds over the course of a month.

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All financial transactions such as purchase, redemption, switches, SIPs/ STPs/ SWPs, dividend pay-outs/ reinvestment of dividends are logged. Therefore, in a CAS statement, you can see all your mutual fund investments in an orderly manner.

The CAS also records all portfolios’ opening and closing balances associated with a PAN. Non-financial transactions, such as changes to bank account information, address, nominees, and so on, are not recorded in a CAS.

In addition to the mutual fund transactions, CAS also records transactions in other securities that are held in demat mode. In other words, it also records the stock transactions.

Therefore, CAS is a comprehensive statement of all your investment transactions (financial investments). The CAS is generated on a monthly basis and emailed on the 10th of the following month. CAS is generated based on PAN number. Therefore, it captures all the financial investment transactions associated with a PAN. Furthermore, you haven’t made any transactions in a month, and no CAS will be generated.

Who Issues a Consolidated Mutual Fund Statement?

Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) issue CAS. Only if you have a demat account and are transacting you will get CAS for that month. It comprises information on mutual funds, non-convertible debentures, portfolio management services (PMS) schemes, equity shares, and other capital market investments. The depositories use your PAN number to track your investments and generate CAS.

Furthermore, if there is no common PAN between the RTAs and the Depositories, you can get the CAS from a registrar and transfer agent or the mutual fund house. You can generate your CAS online on Official CAMS or KFintech website.

What are the Benefits of a CAS?

Following are the benefits of CAS:

  • Evaluate Performance: With the consolidated mutual fund statement, you can evaluate the performance of your investments. You can also understand if your investments have become long term investments for taxation purposes. Equity investments attract long term capital gains tax after one year. On the other hand, the duration is three years for debt funds
  • Tax Estimation: Since CAS has a record of all your financial investment transactions, you can easily estimate your tax liability. Furthermore, you can furnish CAS as a tax saving investment proof to your employer for TDS purposes.
  • Track Dividends and Redemptions: In a CAS statement, you track all the dividends you receive and also all your redemptions. This helps you keep track of all your transactions.

Contents of a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)

The consolidated account statement contains the following:

Personal Details

  • Email ID
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Number

Investment Details

  • Mutual Fund Name
  • Folio Number
  • PAN Number
  • Investment Type: Direct or Regular
  • Registrar Name
  • KYC and PAN Complaint
  • Date
  • Transaction Type: Purchase, Redemption, Stamp Duty, etc.
  • Investment Amount
  • Units
  • Price
  • Unit Balance

How to Download CAS Online?

You can download the CAS via a mail-back service. Following is the procedure to download CAS:

  • Visit the Official CAMS website.
  • Under the Services for Investors tab, select ‘Statements’.
  • Next, select the ‘CAS – CAMS + KFintech’ option.
  • On the following page, you need to select the ‘Statement Type’:
    • Summary (only balances and valuation) OR
    • Detailed (includes transaction listing)
  • Next, give the following details:
    • As On date
    • Select the folio listing: With zero balance folios, or Without zero balance folios or Transacted folios and folios with balance.
    • Email
    • PAN
    • Password: A password to protect your statement. You need to use this password to open the statement once you receive it.
    • Confirm Password
  • Click on Submit to receive the CAS PDF statement on your registered mail.

Once you receive the email from CAMS, download the password-protected PDF. Now, use the set password to access your mutual fund consolidated account statement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will all of my portfolios be included in a single CAS?

A monthly CAS will have only those folios in which a financial transaction took place in a given month. Furthermore, a valid PAN should be provided for the folios. For example, if you have investments in 5 mutual funds (5 folios), but in the month of Dec 2021, you have made investments only in three folios. Therefore, your Jan 2022 report will consist of only three transactions (the folios in which transactions happened).

What happens if there are no financial transactions in any month in a particular portfolio?

No CAS on your PAN will be issued.