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sip vs rd

SIP vs RD – Which is Best?

The financial market in India has been witnessing many changes in recent years. New financial instruments have gained importance along with the previous instruments that exist. Hence, there are plenty of investment options in the industry, like stocks, Bank FD...

best child plan

Best Child Investment Plan 2024 Parents want to give their child the best living, the best education and the best health care. But taking care of a child requires parents to have deep pockets. Hence, it is always better for parents to devise a...

nri investment in india

Best NRI Investment Options

Living out of India has its advantages. NRI earns in dollars and works with the most developed economies of the world. Some NRIs wonder whether living and earning out of India debars them from investing in India. And if not...

best investment plans for 1year

Best Investment Plans for 1 Year

When you want to invest for one year, it needs a mix of capital safety and liquidity. The intention of searching for the best investment plans is to earn returns during the investment horizon, either short or long term. For...

Mutual Fund Resources

Fixed Deposit vs Target Maturity Fund

Target Maturity Funds (TMF) are passively managed debt mutual fund schemes where the underlying securities are aligned to a specific maturity date. The fund portfolio replicates the performance of the underlying index they follow (like Nifty PSU bond, Nifty SDL,...

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difference between sip vs ppf

SIP Vs PPF – Which is Best?

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) and Public Provident Fund (PPF) are long-term investment options. Though they belong to different asset categories both of them are suitable to fulfil your long-term financial goals. However, each of these investments involves different levels of...

best sip for 1year

Best SIP to Invest for 1 Year

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a popular mutual fund investment strategy that regularly helps you save small amounts. It is an alternative to the typical way of lump sum investing. Through SIP, investors can invest a predetermined amount of...

best sip for 10years

Best SIP Plan to Invest for 10 Year

SIP is an option for investors who prefer to invest little amounts over the long term in order to achieve their financial goals. Typically, a long-term investment horizon is preferable when investing in equity schemes. You can invest in these...