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difference between elss fund vs equity funds

ELSS vs Equity Mutual Fund

While both are equity mutual funds what is the difference between ELSS and Equity Mutual Fund. So, what is exactly the difference between these 2 investments. To start with we know that both are equity oriented mutual funds. Equity mutual...

best mutual funds for lumpsum investment

Best Mutual Funds for Lumpsum Investment

An investor can invest in mutual funds in 2 ways either by investing a lump sum amount or through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). In a lump sum Mutual Fund investment, an investor invests once and the amount remains invested...

Best Saving Plan 2023

Best Savings Plan

What is Savings Plan? Savings is something one does to achieve some long or short term goal. Savings can be a child not spending the pocket money given to him/her to buy something he/she likes later. Or a mother saving...

best swp mutual funds in india

Best SWP Mutual Funds in India

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) in mutual funds allows investors to withdraw their investments systematically. In other words, investors can withdraw a selected amount from their investments at predetermined intervals. Thus, the SWP option is an excellent way to earn...

best sip for 10years

Best SIP Plan for 10 Year Investment

SIP is an option for investors who prefer to invest little amounts over the long term in order to achieve their financial goals. Typically, a long-term investment horizon is preferable when investing in equity schemes. You can invest in these...

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best sip plan for 1000 per month

Best SIP Plan for 1000 Per Month

SIPs are a great way for individuals on a tight budget to invest in market-linked markets and generate substantial returns. These investments require investors to invest a specified amount on a recurring basis instead of a lump sum, which is...

best sip for 5years

Best SIP for 5 Years

The best SIP for five years will typically invest in equity mutual funds that have exposure to large-cap stocks or track the benchmark index (index fund). You can invest in these funds for goals such as buying a car, saving...

best sip for 1year

Best SIP for 1 Year

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a popular mutual fund investment strategy that regularly helps you save small amounts. It is an alternative to the typical way of lump sum investing. Through SIP, investors can invest a predetermined amount of...