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Best Mutual Fund with Lowest Expense Ratio

Best Lowest Expense Ratio Mutual Fund

Top Performing Mutual Funds with Lowest Expense Ratio 2022 Fund NameExpense Ratio (%)3 Year Returns (%)Nippon India Junior BeES FoF Regular Growth0.2813.80ICICI Prudential Sensex Index Fund Growth0.2913.80UTI Nifty Index Fund Regular Plan Growth0.3113.70IDFC Nifty Fund Growth0.3513.60ICICI Prudential Passive Strategy Fund(FOF)...

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Best Flexi Cap Mutual Fund in India

Flexi Cap Funds are open-ended dynamic equity schemes that invest across large-cap, mid-cap and also small-cap stocks. Also, this fund allows investors to diversify their portfolios across market capitalizations, reducing risk and volatility. Moreover, this fund can invest in any...

FMCG Mutual Funds

FMCG Sector Mutual Funds

What are FMCG Mutual Funds in India? Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector mutual funds invest in companies that deal with products consumed by people on a daily basis. Packaged food, soaps, toothpaste and powders, detergents, cosmetics, etc., are some of...

Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO

Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO Review

Navi Mutual Fund has launched another new index fund, Navi Nifty IT Index Fund, that replicates the Nifty IT Index.The New Fund Offer (NFO) period for the Navi Nifty IT Index Fund is from March 3rd 2022, to March 14th...

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Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) and Public Provident Fund (PPF) are long-term investment options. Though they belong to different asset categories both of them are suitable to fulfill your long-term financial goals. However, each of these investments involves different levels of...

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ELSS vs Equity Mutual Fund

ELSS vs Equity Mutual Fund. While both are equity mutual funds what is the difference between ELSS and Equity Mutual Fund. So, what is exactly the difference between these 2 investments. To start with we know that both are equity...

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Saving tax is one of the important aspects of financial planning and wealth creation. There are various avenues available where an individual can invest to save taxes. Among them, Section 80C has a list of investments that offer tax deductions...


Direct Equity vs Equity Mutual Funds

Often investors are confused whether they should directly invest in stocks or invest through mutual funds for equity investment. Mutual funds invest the pooled money from investors in publicly traded stocks known as equity mutual funds. On the other hand,...