I have made my investments with Scripbox. How do I change my name with mutual fund houses & with Scripbox?

Once you receive your new PAN card (with your new name printed on it), send us the scan copy of your new PAN card to help@scripbox.com. So that we could create and send the Name Change Documents along with a checklist of the required documents: 

You can change your name by following these steps (Invested customers):

  1. A signed copy of your new PAN card (with your new name printed on it)  
  2. A signed copy of your updated address proof (with your new name printed on it) 
  3. Photo Needs to be affixed on the KYC form and cross signature on the photo & at the designated place (Change KYC Form is sent to your registered email id) 
  4. In such cases, name should be updated with the bank records as well. Once your new name is updated with your bank, please get the bank details (confirming the investor name , Bank Branch, Account Number, and Signature) attested by the bank manager with the seal/stamp clearly indicating the name and designation of the bank manager. We will share the format with you. 
  5. Notarized copy of Notification in Official Gazette of India- We can advise you how many notarized copies are required.
  6. A name change request letter & signed by you. 
  7. Print, sign and mail (or courier) the change KYC , Request letter for name change with other documents back to us, so we can update the information in our records as well as with the mutual fund companies. 


  • There might be additional documents required if any of the mutual fund houses requests for it (we will keep you posted in case if any). 
  • It usually takes around 4 weeks to get your new name updated with the KYC agency, all the mutual fund houses where you have invested & with Scripbox 

Also, note: once the name is updated with the KYC registration agencies we will have to update the bank details with the mutual fund companies. 

Please refer the bank change request process.

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