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nifty bees

Nifty BeEs

Nifty BeEs is an exchange-traded fund that replicates the S&P CNX Nifty Index. It is the first ETF introduced by the benchmark in 2002 January. It trades on the National Stock Exchange and hence can be bought or sold in...

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Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

How to Calculate LIC surrender Value? Surrender value is the amount that an insurance company pays to the policyholder for surrendering the policy before the maturity date. Surrendering the policy means ending the policy before the date of maturity. Surrender...

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Bonds vs Stocks

We may refer to stocks and bonds collectively as investment instruments. But though we often pair their names, they are varied in nature. A comparison of Bonds Vs Stocks shows how they are different. The risk involved, returns, and benefits...

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Trading Account

The advent of digital technologies has transformed everything around us including our investments. In this digital age, it is essential to have a Demat account for holding securities. However, your Demat account does not allow you to transact with them....

sensex and nifty

Sensex vs Nifty

Sensex and Nifty are market indices that represent the market. They are the benchmarks for the country's stock market trend, development in the industry, and individual investors' portfolios. This article covers in detail Sensex and Nifty, their calculation and the...

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eft payment

EFT Payment in India

Every transaction starts with someone giving money to another one. In the pre-pandemic times, e-commerce was on the rise. With the COVID-19 outbreak, digital payment adoption has accelerated. It has become the most popular way of transacting today and will...

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Wealth Management: What it is and How it works

What is Wealth Management?  Wealth management is a niche professional advisory service that devises personalised strategy for a client using various financial products and services. In some cases, depending on the client's complex needs, use of all specialized financial services...

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Gross Salary

Gross salary is the sum of the total amount of compensation paid by the employer company to the employee as a part of the employer-employee relationship. Given the increase in salaried workforce, it becomes really important to understand the basics...