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Difference between Convertible and Non Convertible Debentures

Debentures are popular debt instruments that a company issues to raise capital from the public for conducting its business operations. There are different debentures and you can categorise them on the basis of redeem ability, transferability and convertibility. On basis...

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Difference Between BSE and NSE: Understanding the Difference Between BSc and NSC

NSE and BSE are India's two largest stock exchanges, and they are the key components of the Indian Capital Market. Established in 1875, BSE is India's oldest stock exchange, and its benchmark index is SENSEX. Established in 1992, BSE is...

difference between bonus and split

Difference Between Bonus Issue and Stock Split

What is a Bonus Issue? A bonus issue is a corporate action where a company offers extra shares to the existing shareholders without any extra cost. These extra shares are issued in proportion to the existing number of shares held...

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Difference between Bonds and Debentures

Any organisation needs funds for  basic requirements such as, for setting up or expanding a business. Borrowing is the most common way to avail of the funds required. There are different ways companies can borrow, among which bonds and debentures...

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Difference Between Bond and Loan

Bonds are a type of debt instrument that a company or government issues to raise funds. The bond issuer promises to make regular payments to the investor through interest payouts. Furthermore, bonds have a fixed tenure, and on maturity, the...

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Difference between 22k and 24k Gold

In India, people purchase gold either for investment purposes or as jewellery. While purchasing gold, there are different karats of gold available in the market. Do you know the difference between 24k vs 22k gold? Among 24k vs 22k which...

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Dhanteras 2022

People are looking forward to the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras to invest in Gold and other precious metals as the festive season begins this year. The Dhanteras will be celebrated on October 22nd and 23rd, 2022, while Diwali will be...

defensive stocks

Defensive Stocks

What are Defensive Stocks?  Defensive stocks provide constant dividends and steady earnings to shareholders irrespective of how the market is performing. These companies are called defensive stocks because they showcase consistent demand for their products, making their stock stable during...