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Difference between Primary market and Secondary market

Difference between Primary market and Secondary market

The capital market is a financial system where companies can raise money by issuing shares, bonds, debentures, etc. The primary market is where the securities are created for the first time. While the secondary market is the market dealing in...

difference between futures and options

Difference Between Futures and Options

Futures and options are derivative contracts traded on a stock exchange and derive their value from the underlying asset. Usually, investors use these contracts to make a profit or hedge against the risk related to the underlying asset. Also, these...

difference between future and forward contract

Difference Between Future and Forward Contract

Derivatives trading involves a contract between parties to buy and sell assets at a given price and at a specific time. Companies and investors mainly use derivative contracts to hedge against risks or speculation. Futures and forwards are an example...

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Difference between Fund Flow and Cash Flow

Cash and funds have different business functions and help formulate financial strategies. The physical currency available with a business is known as cash. Whereas, the total financial resources available with a business are its funds. Cash flow and fund flow...

difference between financial planning and wealth management

Difference Between Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Financial Planning and wealth management are essential part of personal financial management. Even though financial planning and wealth management is related to money, they are significantly different. Understanding the differences between financial planning and wealth management is crucial as it...

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Difference between Equity Shares and Preference Shares

Equity shares represent the ownership of a company. While preference shares have preferential rights to the company's profits and assets. Also, the major difference between equity and preference shares is the voting rights and claim over the company's dividends and...

difference between equity and debt market

Differences Between Equity and Debt Market

Financial markets are the marketplace where various financial assets are traded. Equity and debt markets are two types of financial markets. As the name suggests, the equity market is a market for equity-related securities, and the debt market is for...

difference between demat and trading account

Difference Between Demat and Trading Account: Understanding Demat Account vs Trading Account

A demat account also known as dematerialised account, is an account that allows investors to hold their purchased shares and other securities in paperless form. For buying or selling securities, investors need another account, a trading account. Thus, a trading account...