How to plan for your daughter’s college education fund in India? – A case study.

What would it take for Ajay & Preeti to give Simran a premier college education?

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investment actions good or bad

What have millionaires in the US and Scripbox got in common? A shared approach, for one.

What does how millionaires invest in the US and Scripbox have in common? Let’s find out.

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Changes to investing in US stocks through Stockal

If you were investing in direct US stocks through Stockal via Scripbox, please read this.

fed increased the repo rate by 75 basis points

FED Hikes the Repo Rate by 75 Basis Points

Another expected rate hike from the US Fed has increased the chances of a recession in the US. This is unlikely to influence the Indian central bank’s thinking on rate hikes. The impact on your investments is muted so far but the situation calls for prudent asset allocation on the part of investors.

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How to plan for a US college education fund for your child- A case study

Can Kabir’s parents afford his graduation from a US University? Let’s find out.

currencies swing wildly across the global market

Currencies Swing Wildly across the Global Market

The global rise in uncertainty amidst rising interest rates is leading to the strengthening of safe haven dollar. This is impacting other global currencies, including the Rupee. Expect near term volatility in your portfolio. Look at your asset allocation before adding to equity in the current environment.

index funds

Why should large cap equity funds form part of your core portfolio?

Learn why large cap funds should form a key part of your core portfolio. This is essential for a certain degree of stability in your wealth.