What will happen to my current investments?

Your current investments will not be impacted. You will be able to view all your investments on Scripbox. Some plans may be clubbed into Core Mutual Fund Portfolio.


Why can’t I see the Scripbox guided path when investing?

Due to limitations imposed by mutual fund companies on investments by US/Canada NRIs, we are no longer able to provide you with the right recommendations. Hence, this feature has been disabled. You will still be able to invest in funds...

Tata mutual fund buying stakes in uti amc

Tata Asset Management is considering buying a stake in UTI AMC

The potential merger would be another big deal in the AMC space. The impact on retail investors should be minimal. The benefits for both firms, though, seem to be real.

course correction in fin planning

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is more tool than an investment instrument – here’s why

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan is an effective solution to plan your cashflows but is it actually a solution in itself? No & here’s why.

investment actions good or bad

EPFO is Gung Ho on Equity; likely to enhance equity exposure to 20%

Increasing allocation into equities will allow EPFO subscribers to participate in the stock market materially. The large corpus under EPFO will also raise the demand for equity and bring in added liquidity. All in all, this is good for your equity wealth.

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waiting for market crash

Should you shift your equity mutual fund SIPs to debt investment options in the falling stock market?

The equity market is on a roller-coaster ride due to worries over high inflation, the continuation of the Russia-Ukraine war and rising interest rates. The Sensex has fallen 14.6% as of June 24th, 2022 So, is it a good idea to shift your equity mutual fund SIPs to safe-haven fixed-income products such as debt mutual funds, bank fixed deposits etc.?

course correction in fin planning

Should equity investors be worried about high inflation? What does the past indicate?

This high inflationary period that we are seeing now is likely to impact equity growth. But what can history teach us?

protect portfolio from inflation

How to protect your portfolio and goals from runaway inflation?

Learn what Scripbox Chief Investment Officer Anup Bansal has to say on how to protect your portfolio from the high inflationary pressures being seen in India.