protect portfolio from inflation

How to protect your portfolio and goals from runaway inflation?

Learn what Scripbox Chief Investment Officer Anup Bansal has to say on how to protect your portfolio from the high inflationary pressures being seen in India.

saving for retirement

Financial planning for new-age couples

A couple that plans together, stays happy together. Learn how you both can smoothly traverse financial planning as a process.

should you switch

Amidst the increasing Fed rate and tension of a global war, should Indian investors consider US equity investment?

Does it make sense for Indian equity investors to still consider US equity in the current market environment? Scripbox CWO has the answer.

financial mistakes

Mistakes to avoid while stepping into a new financial year

Avoid these mistakes to ensure the year ahead is a happy one in which you make real progress towards your financial goals.


Axis Mutual Fund changes fund managers of 7 funds amidst allegations

Axis mutual fund has removed two of its fund managers from 7 schemes amidst front-running allegations. SEBI has initiated a probe, and this is a developing situation. The immediate impact on investors in the affected funds can’t be ascertained until the fund house, or SEBI provides further information. None of the funds are part of the Scripbox recommendation.

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2020 equity performance report card

2021-22 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox Recommended Mutual Fund Portfolio

Here’s how the Scripbox recommended set of funds performed last year.

union budget 2022

Citius, Altius, Fortius – Union Budget Highlights 2022

Scripbox views and perspectives on the Union Budget 2022 and what it means for the growth of the Indian economy.

index funds

Indian IT giants go one up on Dalal Street

The IT majors came out roaring with excellent Q3FY22 financial results. Considering their exposure to mutual fund portfolios across the board, this solid performance is good news for your investments and wealth. IT is also a significant employer in the country and this performance indirectly bodes well for the overall economy.