2022-23 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox Recommended Mutual Fund Portfolio

Here’s how the Scripbox recommended set of funds performed last year.

Your Scripbox plans are being consolidated

Some of our older investment plans have been renamed or consolidated into Long Term Portfolio or Short Term Portfolio. Learn what’s behind this change.

With rates rising, are bank FDs back in vogue for your financial goals?

Interest rates are rising. Does that mean FDs are now more attractive for investors? Let’s do a little digging to find the reality.

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FAQs for Transaction Process

What is the ‘Transact’ tab? ‘Invest’ is now renamed to ‘Transact’‘Transact’ brings together all your transactional requirements. You can do everything listed below and much morea. Start a new investment, one-time or SIPb. Explore new investment plans and productsc. View...

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Where can I find all my investments?

All your investments will be visible under the ‘Wealth’ page in the ‘Wealth’ tab.

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Where can I see my portfolio audit report?

You can view your portfolio audit report and recommendations on the‘Dashboard’ tab →  ‘Action Plan’ section → ‘Portfolio Audit’ card

We heard you! Your Scripbox app is changing for the better.

You wanted a better Scripbox app? Well, we are making it happen!

fed increased the repo rate by 75 basis points

FED Hikes the Repo Rate by 75 Basis Points

Another expected rate hike from the US Fed has increased the chances of a recession in the US. This is unlikely to influence the Indian central bank’s thinking on rate hikes. The impact on your investments is muted so far but the situation calls for prudent asset allocation on the part of investors.