Why Asset Allocation is important to us here at Scripbox?

Learn how Scripbox approaches asset allocation.

Your Scripbox plans are being consolidated

Some of our older investment plans have been renamed or consolidated into Long Term Portfolio or Short Term Portfolio. Learn what’s behind this change.

With rates rising, are bank FDs back in vogue for your financial goals?

Interest rates are rising. Does that mean FDs are now more attractive for investors? Let’s do a little digging to find the reality.

taxes on mutual funds withdrawal

An investor’s guide to investing in Target Maturity Funds – The debt fund that’s an index fund!

Understand what Target Maturity Funds are, how they work, and what role can they play in your investment portfolio.


FAQs for Transaction Process

What is the ‘Transact’ tab? ‘Invest’ is now renamed to ‘Transact’‘Transact’ brings together all your transactional requirements. You can do everything listed below and much morea. Start a new investment, one-time or SIPb. Explore new investment plans and productsc. View...

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should you switch

When should you consider a PMS?

Let’s find out if you ever actually need a PMS and which scenarios dictate its inclusion in the set of financial tools at your disposal.


Where can I see my portfolio audit report?

You can view your portfolio audit report and recommendations on the‘Dashboard’ tab →  ‘Action Plan’ section → ‘Portfolio Audit’ card

How to plan for both your children’s college education fund in India? – A case study.

Here we are with another case study. This one’s for Rohan (44) and Shriya (37), who want to send both their children to premier Indian institutions. Let’s take a look at the plan.