core and satellite portfolio strategy

How we construct portfolios here at Scripbox

Learn about the ideas that influence portfolio construction here at Scripbox.

course correction in fin planning

Is it OK to invest in equity now, considering the market environment?

Equity markets have been flip flopping without any real growth recently (Jan-Feb2023). Are we going to see a bear market? Is equity too risky now? Let’s dive in.

financial advisors

What is Scripbox’s role as an advisor?

Learn how we view ourselves as advisors and what are our responsibilities towards our clients.

What is the recommended frequency for portfolio review according to Scripbox?

Why Scripbox recommends a portfolio review and, if needed, changing funds occasionally.

Scripbox’s Approach to Risk and it’s Management

How does Scripbox approach risk in investing? Let’s find out.

Practical Insights For Wealth Creation

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Why do we at Scripbox recommend a long-term perspective in investing.

Learn the analysis that’s behind our focus on long term growth in wealth creation.

Why Asset Allocation is important to us here at Scripbox?

Learn how Scripbox approaches asset allocation.

Your Scripbox plans are being consolidated

Some of our older investment plans have been renamed or consolidated into Long Term Portfolio or Short Term Portfolio. Learn what’s behind this change.