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Trupti Jalan is a Certified Financial Planner. She has diversified and rich experience in personal finance for more than 5 years. Her previous associations were with asset management companies and investment advising firms. She brings in financial markets subject matter expertise to the team and create easy going investment content for the readers.

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Call Option

What is a Call Option? A call option (CE) is a derivative contract where the buyer has the right but not an obligation to purchase the underlying asset at a predetermined price within a specific expiration date. The underlying asset...

what is ticker

What is a Ticker?

While investing in the US stock market, investors must know one of the important aspects of the ticker symbol. Every stock or security name has a certain number or letters along with it. This is the stock ticker symbol.  What...

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What is 916 Gold?

Gold is a yellow metal that is considered to be very precious in India. It is linked to most Indian traditions where people buy on the occasion of marriage, festival, anniversary, etc. While purchasing gold, its purity can be altered,...

venture capital fund

Venture Capital Fund

What is Venture Capital Firm? A venture capital firm acts as both an investor and the manager of the fund. As an investor, the firm usually puts between 1% and 2% of its own money into the fund. This shows...

valuation of shares

Valuation of Shares

The demand and supply forces determine a company's share price in the stock market. If the demand for a company's shares is high, the share price will go up. But the share price does not reflect the share's true value...

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Best US Oil Company Stocks

USA Oil Company Stocks

US Oil Sector The oil and gas industry is one of the major industries contributing to US economy. Also, it plays a major role in influencing the decision-making of all the other sectors. The industry has three main segments: upstream,...

ratio analysis

Types of Ratio Analysis

As an investor, it is difficult to interpret and read financial statements, given our time constraints. Instead, we prefer relying on the analysis given by analysts. Analysts use different tools to determine the financial condition of a company. One such...

treasury bills

Treasury Bills – Meaning, Types and Calculation

The Government of India needs money to meet its financial obligations. They approach the general public to raise funds. The funds can be raised by offering different financial instruments. Treasury bill is one such money market instrument that the government...