Trupti Jalan

Trupti Jalan is a Certified Financial Planner. She has diversified and rich experience in personal finance for more than 5 years. Her previous associations were with asset management companies and investment advising firms. She brings in financial markets subject matter expertise to the team and create easy going investment content for the readers.

difference between gpf and epf

Difference Between GPF and EPF

Every working professional comes across a provident fund. All provident funds are savings schemes categorised based on their name, which helps create a substantial corpus for post-retirement life. There is EPF, which stands for Employee Provident Fund, while GPF stands...

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Children’s Mutual Fund vs SSY

The children’s future is of utmost importance for every parent. They start planning and investing for their children’s higher education, marriage, etc. There are multiple schemes through which parents can invest and align their financial goals. Also, there are children...

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Best NPS Fund Manager

National Pension Scheme (NPS) is an initiative by the Central Government of India for employees in private, public, and unorganised sectors. This is a voluntary scheme where any investor can choose to invest at regular intervals. Investors are allowed to...

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Best Bank Account to Open in India

It is essential to have a bank account to manage all financial transactions digitally in today's generation. Also, all government subsidies are routed through bank accounts only. Furthermore, the government has taken initiatives to ensure that all the citizens in...

what is yield curve

What is Yield Curve?

Meaning of Yield Curve The yield curve is a graphical representation of interest rates of different bonds having similar credit quality but different maturities. The x-axis represents the maturity, and the y-axis represents the interest rates. It tells how much...

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personal finance terms

What is Put Option

What is a Put Option? A put option (PE) is a derivative contract that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to sell the underlying asset on a specific date at a predetermined price. Traders can use this...

what is portfolio


A portfolio is one of the basic concepts while investing and in finance. The term can have a variety of meanings depending on the context. However, the simplest meaning of a portfolio is a collection of assets owned by an...

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Direct Equity Investment

The term direct equity refers to investment in the stock market directly. To directly invest in the stock market, you need a demat and trading account. This account allows investors to buy shares/stock of the company directly from the stock...