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bulk deals in mutual funds

Bulk Deals by Mutual Funds

What are Bulk Deals by Mutual Funds? A Bulk deal is a transaction where an investor buys or sells more than 0.5% of outstanding equity shares of a listed company on a stock exchange. The 0.5% quantity can happen through...

best investment plans for 1year

Best Investment Plans for 1 Year

When you want to invest for one year, it needs a mix of capital safety and liquidity. The intention of searching for the best investment plans is to earn returns during the investment horizon, either short or long term. For...

interval funds

Interval Funds

There are several types of mutual fund schemes available in the market. SEBI has categorised different types of schemes to help investors understand them better. Also, this categorisation is based on the underlying assets they invest in, investment horizon, etc....

digital gold vs gold etf

Digital Gold vs Gold ETF

In India, gold is a go-to investment for most, and every auspicious occasion is marked with the purchase of gold. However, it comes with a risk of security and additional costs and charges. In this new era, you can purchase...

Scripbox Learning Resources

ETF vs Stock

Investors have an array of options for investing in the stock market. Besides trading in individual stocks, which offer a share of ownership in a specific company, investors can also invest in Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs). ETFs are a collection of...

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index funds vs large cap funds

Index Funds vs Large Cap Funds

Index funds are mutual funds that mimic the benchmark, also aiming to give market returns at lower costs. On the other hand, large-cap funds are actively managed portfolios by fund managers that invest in large-cap companies. They come with additional...

ppf account for nris


Many NRIs question whether they can invest in PPF account in India. The primary reason for this ambiguity of information is that rules relating to PPF for NRI were amended in the year 2018. This article will discuss the rules...

silver etf

Silver ETF

Indian investors have an emotional and financial soft spot for gold and silver for decades. Besides ornamental purposes, they are also used for investment purposes. You must have purchased them in physical form like jewellery, coins, bars, etc. But we...