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Generally, investors look for safety, returns and tax-efficient investment options. Also, considering these they wish to meet their financial goals. To meet these purposes, there are different savings schemes available for investors.  In this article, we will discuss National Savings...

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Children’s Mutual Fund vs SSY

The children’s future is of utmost importance for every parent. They start planning and investing for their children’s higher education, marriage, etc. There are multiple schemes through which parents can invest and align their financial goals. Also, there are children...

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Liquid Fund vs Debt Fund

While choosing to invest in mutual funds, there is often confusion for investors between debt funds and liquid funds. A debt fund is a broad mutual fund category that invests its collective pool of money in fixed income securities. In...

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Index Fund vs ETF

Over the last few years, mutual funds have become a popular investment tool. Lately, there has been a focus on index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Although index funds and exchange traded funds look very similar, they differ in...

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Financial planning is very important for a better future. It helps in the selection of right investment products based on the objectives. There are many instruments available for tax planning which can help individuals save tax under Section 80C. However,...

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sbi mod scheme

SBI MOD (Multi Option Deposit) Scheme

Whenever individuals invest in a fixed deposit, they cannot withdraw money before maturity without charges in case of a financial emergency. Thus, there is another fixed deposit scheme called the MOD or Multi Option Deposit Scheme for such a situation....

how to close sbi fixed deposit

How to Close SBI Fixed Deposit Account

Bank Fixed Deposits is one the most popular and safest investment products in India. Most of the banks provide this service of opening a fixed deposit online. Also, one can similarly close FD online or offline by visiting the branch....

sbi gold deposit scheme

SBI Revamped Gold Deposit Scheme

In 1999, the Government of India launched a gold deposit scheme that could not gain success. But in 2015, the scheme was reintroduced as Revamped Gold Deposit Scheme (R-GDS) along with another gold scheme, the gold metal scheme, under the...