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ppf vs fd


Most of the investors who want to invest, look for the security of their money. The two most secure investment options available for Indian investors is the Public Provident Fund and Fixed Deposits. Both the investment instruments are suitable for...

ppf rules

PPF Rules

PPF scheme is a quite popular scheme among investors. The Public Provident Fund PPF Scheme was launched by the National Savings Institute in 1968. The Government of India backs this scheme. Hence, the returns are guaranteed. The investment and interest...

how to stop sip

How to stop SIP?

Many of them are aware of Systematic Investment Plan SIP. It is a way where investors can invest in mutual funds. Here, investors can regularly invest in a disciplined manner. A fixed sum of money is invested periodically - weekly,...

fd vs sip


The Indian financial market has been witnessing many changes in recent years. Newly financial instruments have gained prominence along with the previous instruments that exist. Hence, there are plenty of investment options in the industry, like stocks, fixed deposits, mutual...

difference between sip and stp

Difference Between SIP and STP

Investing in  mutual funds through the Systematic Investment Plan SIP has become quite popular in the past few years. However, other than SIP, some methods serve the purpose of investing and withdrawing systematically. Therefore, one can use the Systematic Transfer...

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etf vs mutual funds

ETF vs Mutual Fund

Introduction Whenever investors are looking to invest their money, a financial advisor will likely recommend several investment options that include ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and mutual funds. ETFs and mutual funds have certain similarities among them. However, some key differences...

nfo mutual fund

New Fund Offer

With the evolution of financial products, there has been a positive outlook from investors for experimenting and exploring new products. One such financial development in the mutual fund industry is New Fund Offer (NFO). As the name suggests, the asset...

credit market

Credit Market – Meaning, Types and FAQs

What is the credit market? The credit market is a financial market where the government and companies issue debt to investors to raise money. Here, the investors buy and sell securities, mostly in the form of bonds. Also, in a...