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What is a Bear Market?

Bear Market

What is a Bear Market? A bear market is an extended period of fall in the price of the investment. It occurs when the investment falls by more than 20% from its recent high. Not just markets but individual stocks...


Best NPS Fund Manager

National Pension Scheme (NPS) is an initiative by the Central Government of India for employees in private, public, and unorganised sectors. This is a voluntary scheme where any investor can choose to invest at regular intervals. Investors are allowed to...


 Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds

What is Shariah Law? Shariah is Islam's religious law derived from the Quran. It acts as a code of living that all Muslims adhere to and includes guidelines for praying, fasting and even investing.Shariah investing means investing as per the...


Exchange Traded Derivatives

What are Exchange Traded Derivatives? Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) are standardised contracts that trade on the stock exchange in a regulated conduct. The exchange determines the expiration date, settlement process, and lot size and explicitly states the underlying instrument of...

redemption of debentures

Redemption of Debentures

What is Redemption of Debentures? Redemption of debentures refers to the re-payment of debt that the company raised in the form of debentures. The company issues debentures which have fixed maturity date. At the time of maturity, the company repays...

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inflation indexed bonds

Inflation Indexed Bonds

What are Inflation Indexed Bonds? Inflation is bad for investments. How is that? High inflation eats into your profits, reducing your actual return. The inflation in November 2022 was close to 7%, indicating that if you made 10% on your...

put call ratio

Put Call Ratio

What is Put Call Ratio? A Put Call Ratio or PCR is a derivative indicator used by traders to gauge the overall sentiment of the market. This ratio uses the volume of put and call options on a market index...

Irredeemable debentures

Irredeemable Debentures

What is Irredeemable Debentures? Irredeemable debentures are a type of debenture that cannot be redeemed during the lifetime of the company. Investors can only redeem if the company is winding up. The debenture holders enjoy an interest in these instruments...