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perpetual sip

Perpetual SIP

Investors who also prefer investing in mutual funds for the long term usually opt for a systematic approach for their investments through the SIP route. A systematic Investment Plan (SIP) also helps investors invest in mutual funds via electronic transactions...

sovereign gold bond vs mutual fund

Sovereign Gold Bond vs Mutual Fund

Indians have a sentimental value attached when it comes to investing in gold. It is the most common choice among Indians everywhere, ranging from building an asset to gifting dear ones or any milestone achievement or as an investment option....

bond vs fixed deposit

Bond vs Fixed Deposit

Bonds and fixed deposits are the most popular choices among investors with low-risk tolerance levels. Also, both of these fixed income instruments offer fixed interest income to investors. However, they are different from each other on various parameters. This article...

fd vs life insurance plans

FD vs Life Insurance Plans

Among the different financial products available in India, fixed deposit (FD) and life insurance plans are the most popular investment products. Even though a life insurance plan is an insurance product, it is perceived as an investment product for many...


Check Mutual Fund Status With Folio Number

5 Ways to Check Mutual Fund Status with Folio Number different ways to check mutual fund status with folio number 1. Check Fund Status Through Online Mode: Individuals mostly prefer investing online these days. Some websites like Karvy, CAMS, etc.,...

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equity vs debt vs hybrid mutual funds

Equity vs Debt vs Hybrid Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a pool of money collected from several investors for a common investment goal. They are broadly also categorised as equity funds, debt funds and hybrid funds. Each type of mutual fund has a different investment objective and...

emerging market funds

Emerging Market Funds

What is an Emerging Market Fund? An emerging market means a country which is rapidly growing in size and scale and is expected to become a developed country soon. The top index provider of the world MSCI has classified 25...

capital protection funds

Capital Protection Funds

Asset Management Companies (AMCs) offer different types of mutual fund schemes to help investors fulfil their financial goals. The schemes are segregated into various categories depending on the risk and investment objective of the scheme. Investors can choose to invest...