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Fixed Interest Rate on Loan

Fixed interest rate on loans refers to the interest rate being the same for the entire duration of the loan tenure. Irrespective of the changes in repo rates by the Reserve Bank of India, the interest rates under the fixed...

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Fixed vs Floating Interest Rate

Institutions usually charge a fixed interest rate or a floating interest rate on a home loan, business loan or personal loan. Also, along with the interest rate percentage, it is important to keep a check on the type of interest...

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​​Floating Interest Rate

​​Floating interest rate refers to the variable interest rate that changes during the duration of the loan/ debt obligation tenure. It is opposite to the fixed interest rate system. The interest rates remain the same for the entire tenure in...

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Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are two different mechanisms that help in analysing the financial markets. Fundamental analysis, as the name suggests, looks at the fundamental aspect of the business. Also, it takes into account the financial and economic factors...

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Fund Flow Statement

A funds flow statement is a statement that comprises the inflows and outflows of funds. It includes the sources of funds and application of funds for the particular period. Therefore, you can analyze the reasons behind the change in a...

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Check URN Status

Aadhaar has become an important identity document for Indian citizens in recent years. The central government is integrating the Aadhaar URN into several government initiatives to guarantee that only qualified persons benefit from the schemes. To benefit from all of...

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Upcoming IPOs 2022

Amidst the COVD-19 pandemic, 2021 has been the best year for IPOs in the last two decades. The industry is now anticipating a similar IPO fever in the new year. Moreover, there are multiple IPOs already geared up to hit...

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What is GDR?

Indian companies can get listed on foreign exchanges only through a Global Depository Receipt (GDR). GDR is a negotiable instrument. Therefore, through a GDR, Indian companies get access to foreign funds. This article covers what a GDR is, its features,...