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Gold is among the most precious and rare metals on the planet. It is popular for its beauty as well as durability. It is also among the most reliable investment options. Indians prefer purchasing ornaments made of gold for everyday use and even for special occasions. Indians consider buying gold fortuitous and therefore they consider some days and festivals auspicious to buy it. Here is a list of auspicious days to buy gold in 2023:

Auspicious Days to buy Gold in the Year of 2023 

Purchasing gold is both prestigious and propitious for Indians so they prefer to shop on auspicious days. Gold sales tend to surge during most festivals and in the wedding season. However, days such as Makar Sankranti, Akshaya Tritiya, and Dhanteras are the best time to buy gold. Buying gold on these days or at a specific time on these days brings abundance and prosperity.

List Most Auspicious Days to Buy Gold in 2023 

Pushya Nakshatra10 September, 7 October, 4 November, 1 & 29 December 2023
Makar Sankranti14 January 2023
Ugadi and Gudi Padwa22 March 2023
Akshaya Tritiya22 April 2023
Navratri15 October 2023 to 24 October 2023
Dussehra24 October 2023
Dhanteras10 & 12 November 2023
Balipratipada13 November 2023

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1. Pushya Nakshatra Days

Pushya Nakshatra, also known as Pushyami, Pushya, Poosam, and Pooyam in India, is the most auspicious nakshatra. It is the best time for conducting financial transactions, such as buying gold, land, or other business equipment. Certain times throughout these auspicious days known as ‘Muhurats’ attract higher sales, as they are auspicious according to Hindus. If the Pushya Nakshatra falls on a Thursday, it is known as Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga and considered more auspicious. 

2. Makar Sankranti

A prominent harvest festival, Makar Sankranti is an auspicious day. Celebrated across the country, it is also known as Pongal and Bihu in different states of India. Makar Sankranti is falls each year on 14th January and the day marks the beginning of the harvest season. In Punjab, people celebrate 13th January as Lohri and consider the day auspicious for purchasing gold. Buying gold on or around Makar Sankranti symbolizes prosperity. Jewellers also provide special offers like gifts or discounts on making charges when you buy gold on Makar Sankranti.  

3. Ugadi and Gudi Padwa

The new year, according to the Hindu calendar, begins on Ugadi. The day is also known as Gudi Padwa, Onam, and Vaisakhi. The names and traditions of these festivals vary across states, but they are auspicious for all sects. In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana the day is celebrated as Ugadi while people in Kerala celebrate Onam. Maharashtrians celebrate Gudi Padwa while it is popular as Vaisakhi in Punjab. These are all harvest festivals and signify prosperity. Gold sales surge during these days as people celebrate the new year and buying gold signifies new beginnings and prosperity.

4. Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is a Hindu festival and one of the most auspicious days to buy gold in 2023. It is the third day of a waxing lunar phase in the Vishakha month of the Hindu calendar. It is one of the most auspicious days for Hindu households. As per tradition, people believe the God of wealth, Lord Kuber, blesses their household with prosperity on Akshaya Tritiya. As per belief, all things bought on this day grow indefinitely. The gold you buy on this day is considered to be lucky and a sign of progress. People invest in gold with the hope of multiplying it in the years to come.

5. Navratri

Navratri is an annual festival celebrated with much fanfare across India for nine days. The festival celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. The nine days of Navratri signify new beginnings and prosperity. It is a significant festival for the people of West Bengal and Gujarat. However, people across India indulge in festivities throughout the nine days. People observe fast to celebrate the victory of good over evil. They purchase new items, including gold ornaments, as a symbol of good luck. It is considered a blessing of Goddess Durga. Prices of gold surge during these days as most people shop their wedding jewellery too during Navratri.  

6. Dussehra

Dussehra is a prominent Hindu festival celebrated on the last day of Navratri. It is a festival signifying the victory of good over evil. Lord Rama had killed Ravana and Goddess Durga had slain the demon king on this day. To celebrate their victory and the beginning of good times, people buy gold. All nine days of Navratri are auspicious to buy gold in 2023. However, some people prioritise Dussehra to invest in gold. Gold prices may peak during these days as demand is very high. Jewellers launch new festive and wedding designs at this time. Some may even roll out discount schemes on gold purchases.    

7. Dhanteras

Dhanteras is a Hindu festival that falls two days before Diwali each year. Diwali is a festival dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi the deity of good health and prosperity. Dhanteras marks the beginning of the Diwali festivities, therefore people buy new items. They also prioritise buying gold on Dhanteras to please Goddess Lakshmi and invite her to their homes. As a tradition, every Hindu household buys at least one new item and most prefer buying gold jewellery. Jewellers report record sales on Dhanteras and usually, gold rates are the highest on this day.  

8. Balipratipada

Balipratipada is also known as Bali Padyami or Bali Padva marks the end of Diwali. It is celebrated on the fourth day of Diwali and is considered one of the auspicious days to buy gold in 2023. As the festivities of Diwali come to an end, buying gold on Balipratipada has much significance. People buy gold to bless their household with abundance and invite prosperity. You may also get the benefit of festive discounts and offers on gold purchases on Balipratipada. The gold bought on this day symbolises progress and good fortune.

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