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Market Maker

The importance of a market maker in the stock market cannot be understated. Participants in an exchange rely upon them for liquidity. Market Makers may be a firm or individual providing the vital service of infusing liquidity in the market....

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Difference Between NAV vs INAV

ETFs have become an increasingly popular way in which people invest or trade in different asset classes. The possibility of intraday trading has added to the attraction. But unlike NAV of mutual funds, ETF traders need up-to-the-minute pricing to harness...

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Difference between Fund Flow and Cash Flow

Cash and funds have different business functions and help formulate financial strategies. The physical currency available with a business is known as cash. Whereas, the total financial resources available with a business are its funds. Cash flow and fund flow...

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Difference Between UAN and PF Number

Employees Provident Fund is a social security scheme to safeguard the future of employees working with industries and organisations. EPF coverage extends from the time an employee starts working up until retirement. It provides individuals protection against loss of income...

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Repo Rate

Repo Rates influence our economy largely. It is the rate of interest at which the RBI lends money to commercial banks or financial institutions. It lends the money against government securities. The changes in Repo Rates affect the economy by...

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How to Open SBI PPF Account

How to Open PPF Account in SBI

An SBI PPF account can be opened across any of its branches across the nation. The return on a PPF account is fully exempt from taxes under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Deposits need to be made for...


Online Rent Receipt Generator

What is a Rent Receipt? A rent receipt is a document to record the payment of rent by the tenant to a landlord. It is issued by the landlord and can be used for legal or taxation purposes. A rent...

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EPF Form 19

The Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 is a long-term savings scheme in India. The scheme provides retirement benefits to eligible employees working in the organised sector. It requires an employee to make contributions towards a provident fund...