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Food is the most important part of our living and it’s rightly said by M.F.K. Fisher that “First we eat, then we do everything else.” But to have a good meal one has to cook. Cooking in itself is a form of art. To practice and master any art one requires patience. For food lovers, everything has to be perfect and to impress them a cook has to give his/her 100%.

Learning Patience with Dosas

One of the most popular South Indian Delicacy is Dosa. It’s one of the favorite food on everyone’s list. Its petal soft interior hidden by the crispy exterior served with chutney and sambar on the side just melts in the mouth. The very first bite makes you heave a sigh of satisfaction and the last bite will leave you wanting for more.

A tasty dosa is a result of 18 hours of preparation and patience. The batter preparation depends on the type of dosa one needs. A crispy dosa requires a different proportion of the ingredients than a soft one. One basically needs to set their mind on the type of dosa they want before the batter preparation starts. Once the batter is prepared it is pan-fried. The longer you let the dosa cook on low flame the crispier your dosa will be. Making dosa requires patience all through the process, right from batter preparation.

Much like the cook who makes dosas, investing in mutual funds requires patience. A goal/purpose is important before one starts investing. Without a purpose, the final product can’t be defined. The investment will be directionless, similar to running in circles.

Practice Patience

All the greatest cooks insist on having patience. They say it is the key ingredient in cooking. It is also a key ingredient for investing. Here’s a trick, define your goal in terms of the number of years to achieve it. Stay invested for that period and be patient. Do not panic if for a short period the returns are negative. They will improve. All you need to do is follow the buy and hold strategy. They call it ‘buy right sit tight’ in the finance world. Keep tabs on your portfolio and revise your portfolio if needed. One can always approach a financial advisor for an advice regarding their portfolio.

A modest investment of Rs 5,000 per month for the past 20 years in HDFC Top 100 (earlier HDFC Top 200) has grown to a massive ₹1.24 crore today. For the ones who were patient enough and stayed invested in this fund have become crorepatis today.

Investing is no rocket science. Define your goal, plan out your horizon, invest in mutual funds and stay patient. In mutual funds, there are only 3 steps to earn better. Define the goal. Invest. Stay Patient.

Remember what Arnold H. Glasow said “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”