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profitability ratios

Profitability Ratios

There are different financial metrics that help measure the success of a business. Profitability ratios are one of the key metrics that help to monitor the overall financial efficiency and health of the business. Also, these metrics help the management...

standard deviation in mutual fund

Standard Deviation in Mutual Fund

​​What is Standard Deviation in Mutual Fund? A standard deviation is a statistical tool that helps measure the deviation in portfolio returns from its average. The standard deviation has wide use in determining the risk of an investment. It is...

return on capital employed

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

Companies use different financial tools to help them understand their progress and calculate their profit or losses. Also, such tools help investors decide if a company is good to invest in. Accounting ratios are one of the financial ratios that...

asset turnover ratio

Asset Turnover Ratio

There are different types of financial ratios available to compare the company’s performance and track the overall financial health of the company. These accounting ratios are important for analysing the financial statements and comparing them with competitors. One such ratio...

ex dividend date

Ex Dividend Date

What is Ex Dividend Date? A dividend is a portion of the company’s profit distributed among the shareholders. A company can pay dividends in the form of cash or stock. There are four dates associated while declaring the interim or...

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difference between gross margin vs net margin

Gross Margin vs Net Margin

A company’s financial statement has all the financial information required to analyse its financial health. Experts, analysts, investors or lenders use this information to understand a company’s performance. Thus, they interpret this information with different financial tools and methodologies. One...

gross profit ratio

Gross Profit Ratio

Analysing any financial ratio is crucial for the fundamental analysis of a company. They show different aspects of an organisation’s profitability and cost-efficiency. There are different types of ratios that help measure the company's profitability against revenue over time. They...

net profit margin

Net Profit Margin

Financial statements contain crucial financial information of the company. Interpreting this information through different methodologies is very useful for the fundamental analysis of a company. One such methodology is a profitability ratio that provides an understanding of company financial performance...