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multicap vs focused equity funds

Multi Cap vs Focused Equity Funds

There are different types of equity funds that are categorised based on their investment strategy and also underlying portfolio composition. Some are based on market capitalisation, some have a sectoral theme, and some have a different investment strategy. In this...

growth vs value investing

Value vs Growth Investing

There are two fundamental approaches that most investors use while investing in stocks or mutual funds. They are growth investing and value investing. Both the approaches have their own merits and fulfil the common goal of maximising the investment value...

how to select mutual funds

How to Choose Mutual Funds?

The need to invest money in the most profitable and efficient manner is the first rule of any kind of investment. For a first-time investor, it is especially crucial to understand the A-Z of all kinds of investments. A beginner...

will mutual fund investment drop to zero ever

Will Mutual Fund Investment Drop to Zero Ever?

Will mutual fund investment drop to zero ever? This question is the worst nightmare for any investor. Be it a newbie or a veteran. Be it any investment, the possibility of it losing value is quite normal. Theoretically, investments can...

bulk deals in mutual funds

Bulk Deals by Mutual Funds

What are Bulk Deals by Mutual Funds? A Bulk deal is a transaction where an investor buys or sells more than 0.5% of outstanding equity shares of a listed company on a stock exchange. The 0.5% quantity can happen through...

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active mutual funds

Active Mutual Funds

What are Active Mutual Funds? Active mutual funds are a type of mutual funds where the fund manager plays an active role in deciding whether to buy, sell or hold the investments. Active funds employ a variety of strategies in...

things to remember about mutual fund nav

Thing to Remember About Mutual Fund NAV

The Net Asset Value (NAV) of a mutual fund is the price of one unit of the fund. Though NAV is similar to the share price of an equity stock, they are not exactly the same. NAV cannot be a...

perpetual sip

Perpetual SIP

Investors who also prefer investing in mutual funds for the long term usually opt for a systematic approach for their investments through the SIP route. A systematic Investment Plan (SIP) also helps investors invest in mutual funds via electronic transactions...