Best Investments

best investment plan

Best Investment Plan

The best investment plan for every investor can be different. What suits one investor might not suit the other mainly because their goals, financial situation, and risk tolerance levels vary. Though every investor is unique, we have categorised them based...

flexi cap funds

What are Flexi Cap Mutual Funds – Meaning & Types

Flexi Cap funds invest in opportunities across the market capitalization spectrum. These funds are suitable for investors with moderate to high-risk appetites and an investment horizon of at least five years.

difference between retirement funds vs equity funds

Retirement Funds Vs Equity Funds

The decision of whether to invest in an equity fund or a retirement fund is a matter of personal preference and financial goals. For example, a retirement fund is suitable for long-term goals such as saving for retirement. However, if...

difference between retirement funds vs index funds

Retirement Fund vs Index Fund

The financial world is a complicated place with different types of investments, risks, and rewards. However, the two main categories are stocks (stock market) and bonds (bond market). Stocks have a higher risk, but also offer higher returns when they...

difference between elss vs sip


Mutual Fund Investments are a great way to save for the future and enjoy tax benefits. ELSS offers both capital appreciation potential and income support. While SIP allows investors to make regular investments into mutual funds over time. In this article,...

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difference between balanced fund vs hybrid funds

Balanced Fund Vs Hybrid Fund

It's tough to find the perfect balance between debt and equity when investing. A mutual fund helps you strike a balance between the two and build a strong portfolio. Among the different types of mutual funds, there are some suitable...

difference between money market vs capital market

Money Market vs Capital Market

The money market and capital market are two major components of the Indian financial system. The money market caters to short term liquidity needs, while the capital market provides a platform for long term investing. The instruments of the money...

provident funds vs pension funds

Provident Funds Vs Pension Funds

The golden years of your life should not be spent worrying about where the next meal is coming from or how to pay for medical expenses. That's why you must start planning for retirement now. So when those days come...