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Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

What is a REIT? Real Estate Investment Trusts are similar to mutual funds. They pool money from multiple investors and use that to buy income-generating real estate properties. REITs manage these assets so that they can earn from capital appreciation...

annualized return

Annualized Return

What is Annualised Return ‘Return’ is the yield that an investment generates over a period of time. It is the percentage increase or decrease in the value of the investment in that period. Returns on mutual funds are expressed in...

difference between simple interest and compound interest

Simple Interest Vs Compound Interest

Interest is calculated on the investment or loan taken. There are two ways one can calculate interest. The two ways are simple interest (SI) and compound interest (SI). Simple interest is basically the interest on a loan or investment. It...

nre fd rates

NRE FD Rates, Features and Benefits

NRE FDs are a quite popular investment option available to NRIs in India. They come with an array of features and benefits. This article has covered NRE FD schemes, its features, benefits, and interest rates in detail. What is an...

nro fd rates

NRO FD Rates

An NRO account or Non-Resident Ordinary account is a savings account or a deposit account denominated in Indian Rupee. It is opened by NRIs to manage their income in India. An NRO FD allows NRIs to invest their Indian income...

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salary slip

Salary Slip

What is Salary Slip? A salary slip or payslip is a document issued monthly by an employer to its employees. A salary slip contains a detailed breakdown of employee salary and deductions for a given period. This document can be either...


Emergency Funds

An emergency can knock on your door anytime. It can be a job loss, or a medical emergency, or even a natural disaster leading to loss of shelter and livelihood. In an emergency, only money can be a saviour. Hence,...

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Futures and Options (F&O)

Futures and options are derivatives that are traded on the stock exchange and derive their price from the underlying asset. Hedgers, speculators, and arbitrageurs use these contracts to make profits or hedge the risk with the underlying asset. A futures...