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Public Provident Fund – All About PPF

The Public Provident Fund PPF was a scheme launched in 1968 by the National Savings Institute. It is one of the savings schemes offered by the post office. The government backs PPF; hence returns are guaranteed. For the FY 2022-23...

dsp blackrock

DSP BlackRock

Is it good to invest in DSP BlackRock? DSP mutual fund is a joint venture between a 150-year old Indian financial firm DSP and Blackrock, an American Investment firm. However, in 2018, DSP purchased back its 40% share from DSP...

financial planning for maternity leave

Financial Planning for Maternity Leave

Maternity period is a wonderful phase in a woman’s life. One has to be prepared physically, emotionally and financially for it. Whether it’s a planned pregnancy, medically coaxed one, or a total surprise, one thing remains identical. Your life will...

zero coupon bonds

What is a Zero Coupon Bond?

Zero coupon bonds are fixed income securities that don't pay any interest. At the time of maturity, the investor is paid the face value or par value. These bonds come with 10-15 years maturity. Hence, they trade at a deep...


Financial Planning for Millennials 2023

Generation Y or popularly known as Millennials, are the best example for the right place and right time. Having born during 1977-1995, they are in the generation where the start-up economy is budding, and the markets and financial assets are...

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difference between smallcase vs mutual funds

Smallcase Vs Mutual Fund

With changing times, new investment options are available for investors. One such opportunity is smallcase. Smallcase is a basket of stocks that invest in a particular idea, theme, or sector. They might sound similar to mutual funds but are quite...

Best Saving Plan 2023

Best Savings Plan

What is Savings Plan? Savings is something one does to achieve some long or short term goal. Savings can be a child not spending the pocket money given to him/her to buy something he/she likes later. Or a mother saving...

scripbox logo

Savings Account

Savings Account Interest Rates for All Banks 10 Best Banks for Savings Accounts in The savings account is the basic type of account that allows people to deposit money and keep it safe. It is a liquid instrument as individuals...