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Futures and Options (F&O)

Futures and options are derivatives that are traded on the stock exchange and derive their price from the underlying asset. Hedgers, speculators, and arbitrageurs use these contracts to make profits or hedge the risk with the underlying asset. A futures...

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Investment Fund Meaning

What are Investment Funds? Investment funds pool money from various investors with similar interests and purchase securities. Fund managers manage these funds. Each investor retains the ownership of the securities that the fund invests in. Investment funds provide a broad...

personal finance myths

Personal Finance Myths

Myths are ancient stories passed down through time. Personal finance existed from the time money came into existence in the world. Hence there are myths about it. However, they only change from time to time, with investment vehicle available in...

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Smart Money Moves for Women

6 Smart Money Moves for Women Women are self-made. From being a loving daughter, a supporting partner, to a caring mother, a perfect homemaker, a responsible employee to successful management roles – all roles are perfectly handled by women. Women...

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Where to Invest Bonus Money?

It is that time of the year when people are all geared up to receive their annual bonus for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year. People generally use lumpsum bonus amount for various purposes such...

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dividend etf

Dividend ETF

What is Dividend ETF Dividend ETFs are a type of Exchange Traded Funds that invest in stocks with a potential to offer a high dividend. These are passively managed funds and track a particular index. An individual doesn't need to...

investment needs

Hierarchy of Investment Needs

Abraham Maslow proposed a motivational theory called hierarchy of needs. He stressed the importance of satisfying the needs at the bottom of the pyramid first before moving to the next level of needs. One needs to prioritize their needs where...

lic vs ppf


Public Provident Fund is an investment product that encourages small savings. Life insurance policy is an insurance policy that offers protection against unfortunate events like death. This article covers LIC vs PPF, and features of each of the financial products...