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Sharvaani is an experienced content marketer with a demonstrated history of working across industries such as ecommerce, fintech, AI/ML, edtech and B2B SaaS. She is skilled at content creation, content marketing, social media management, writing for public relations.

Investing gambling blog

5 Reasons Why Investing In Mutual Funds Is Nothing Like Gambling

Very often, I come across peers and friends who equate investing in mutual funds to gambling at a casino or betting over a sports match.

want to start investing start with saving

How To Start Saving, If You Want To Invest

Start today. Your destiny is made by the decisions you make today. Make your older self proud of the choices you made now. Wondering how to get started with?

being broke

“I Chose Not To Be Broke. Here’s How.”

To be or not to be broke – is rarely a question or a choice. But it can be, even on your fresher’s salary. I made that choice to not be broke and it worked out just fine. Here’s how.

i just got married why should i save and invest

I Just Got Married – Why Should I Save And Invest?

You may ask yourself this, soon after you get married, or engaged. It is natural to think about this, as marriage more often than not, is viewed as a life stage, after which, your life can change drastically. So once you are financially secure, why should you really bother about saving and investing your money?

have you started saving for retirement

Have you started saving for retirement?

There are many who believe retirement is a distant reality, planning for which can be pushed to much later. What this usually means is that in your 20s you feel you are too young to plan for their retirement, while people in their 40s feel that they are too late! However, once you understand that eventually, you will have to think about retirement, here’s what you can do:

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gold doesnt interest brides no more

Gold Doesn’t Interest Brides No More, Guess What Does.

Gold is not a bride’s best friend anymore. Here’s what is!

health insurance

Health insurance is a part of your emergency fund

An emergency fund is your umbrella in rainy days – to help you tide over a sudden need for cash that cannot be met by your regular salary of savings. Health insurance, therefore, becomes the foundation of your emergency fund.

why money should be a priority

Why Money Should Be A Priority For A 25 Year Old Woman

I turn 25 this year (next month, in fact!). 25 – a quarter century, does feel like a milestone, and makes you ponder over “Am I where I wanted to be at 25?” And that got me thinking, how important is it really to be aligned to your age-goals?