Ever wanted to save from your salary? Ever managed to? If not, here’s an action plan to help you develop this habit even if this is your first job.

Start with Rs. 1,000

Why Rs. 1,000?

  • This is the minimum amount you can start an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) with.
  • This amount is easy to save every month and can get you started without any analysis-paralysis.

Next steps

  • Start an SIP with Rs. 1,000 in a debt mutual fund. It is a good starting point as it lets you withdraw the amount in 2-3 workin days and provides better returns than if you left the money idle in your savings bank account.
  • Set an instruction for an SIP every month, on the day after that you get your salary, so that you don’t end up spending this money.
  • Continue doing so for 6 months to 1 year, and observe how much is left in your bank account, after the SIP and other expenses every month.
  • If you manage to save another Rs. 1,000 every month, after all the expenses and SIP, then it’s time to increase your monthly SIP amount too, and upgrade to equity mutual funds.

Adding equity funds to your investment plan

  • When you have the capacity to set aside Rs. 2,000 a month, then it’s recommended you split it between debt and equity mutual funds.
  • The amount you save up in debt funds will serve as your Emergency Fund.
  • The amount you save in equity funds is ideally for your long term needs. You should be ready to part with it for the next 3-5 years at least.
  • If you invest in equity from your first salary onwards, you will unlock the benefits of compounding.
  • You can increase this amount based on your annual increment, or bonus received.

Start today. Your destiny is made by the decisions you make today. Make your older-self proud of the choices you made now. Wondering how to get started with?

Start here

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