Sharvaani S

Sharvaani is an experienced content marketer with a demonstrated history of working across industries such as ecommerce, fintech, AI/ML, edtech and B2B SaaS. She is skilled at content creation, content marketing, social media management, writing for public relations.

plan tax blog

Plan Your Tax Saving For This Year

No one wants to pay taxes. So why not avoid it to the extent it’s legally possible with better tax planning.

i was a shopaholic

I Was A Shopaholic – Here’s How I Dealt With It

I used to be a shopaholic, I think a part of me still is, but I am much more in control of my spending habits now. Here’s how.

rights to invest

Dear Women, Exercise Your Right To Invest

Here’s how you can insulate your financial well-being and independence from taking a hit.

blog with grid

Do You Have A Lakh?

Here’s an action plan that will make sure you’re not left hanging if such a situation does come up.

3 things women should do blog

3 Financial Things Every Young Woman Should Do

Every young Indian working woman has wide-ranging priorities. We work hard, we save and we like to enjoy a fair degree of financial independence. But here’s when we should pause and ponder about what it really means to be financially free.

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is your health covered

Is Your Health Covered?

Getting health insurance is a smart step towards leading a truly healthy life. So this year, perhaps you should modify your resolution to ensuring that your health is covered.

5 articles youngearners

5 articles every young earner should read

We may believe in Karma and hard work, but a little bit of advice and caution never hurt anyone. So make the most of your prime years by being financially responsible with your money.

figure out how much do you owe

Figure Out How Much Do You Owe

Do you know how much you owe to banks or other financial institutions in the form of loans? If not, here’s a simple way of finding out.