Sharvaani S

Sharvaani is an experienced content marketer with a demonstrated history of working across industries such as ecommerce, fintech, AI/ML, edtech and B2B SaaS. She is skilled at content creation, content marketing, social media management, writing for public relations.

Rachit Rastogi Blog

Passion with a plan – Rachit Rastogi, Chief Product Officer – save as much as you can, so that you can use these savings to do whatever you want

Rachit is a product designer at heart and the Chief Product Officer at CREO. Scripbox speaks to Rachit to understand how transitioning from a large corporate enterprise to the world of start-ups has helped him understand his money better.

taylor swift

What you can learn from Taylor Swift about building a great career

With an active social media presence and record-breaking success, Taylor Swift is at the pinnacle of her career. All this and more, just at the age of 25! How did she do it? What are her secrets? Can we learn something from her and apply them to our own careers? Here are four things that we can learn from the musical juggernaut that is Taylor Swift.

parenthood expenses

6 parenthood expenses that didn’t exist 5 years ago

If you are a young parent or soon to become one, you might want to plan for a few expenses that didn’t really exist when you were a child.

a lit blog

The A-list Of Action Verbs You Should Add To Your Money Dictionary

Here are 7 action verbs, starting with the letter ‘A’, which should become part of your money dictionary, if you want to do a better job with your money.

spain blog

My Dream – To Spain And Back In Rs. 2.5 Lakhs

I am an Indian 20-something private sector professional, who will need some extensive planning, financial and otherwise, to make Spain happen.

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5 things i regret blog

The 5 Things I Regret Not Doing With My Money Before I Turned 25

I wish I had known these 5 rules about money before I turned 25.