Anjana Dhand

Anjana Dhand is a Chartered Accountant who brings over 5 years of experience and a stronghold on finance and income tax. She is a writer by day and reader by night. You can find her churning content at express speed. She is on a mission to stamp out unawareness and uncomplicate boring personal finance blogs to sparkle. Anjana believes in the power of education in making a smart financial decision.

short term capital gain on shares

Short Term Capital Gain on Shares

What is Short Term Capital Gain on Shares? A capital gain arising from the sale of a short term capital asset is a short term capital gain. The applicable tax on STCG is different for different assets. In the case...

self assessment tax

Self Assessment Tax

What is Self Assessment Tax? It is a well-known fact that every person has to pay tax on their income. There are various ways in which tax is collected by the government by way of advance tax, tax deducted at...

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Section 80U

Section 80U of the Income Tax Act, 1961, provides a tax deduction to an individual taxpayer who is himself/ herself suffering from a disability. However, the taxpayer must obtain a certificate as prescribed in the Income Tax Act, 1961. In...

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Section 80TTB of Income Tax Act

What is Section 80TTB? Section 80TTB of the Income Tax Act, 1961 allows a resident senior citizen to claim a deduction against interest on the deposit. Section 80TTB is popular for claiming deduction against interest income on a fixed deposit...

section 80tta of income tax act

Section 80TTA Deduction for AY 2023-24

What is Section 80TTA of Income Tax Act? Section 80TTA of the Income Tax Act provides a deduction for interest income. The deduction is available with a few limitations and restrictions. In this article, we have covered all about claiming...

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section 80rrb

Deductions Under Section 80RRB

What is Section 80RRB? Section 80RRB is a tax deduction which a taxpayer can claim while filing their income tax returns against payments received as royalty. Royalty payments are a source of income for many citizens. A royalty is an...

section 80p

Section 80P

The Income Tax Act, 1961 provide provisions for a variety of profit-related deductions under Chapter VI-A. The intent of these provisions is to stimulate investments in particular industries among the taxpayers. With regard to profits and gains of particular businesses,...

section 80m

Section 80M of Income Tax Act

The Finance Act 2020 includes a range of policies and reforms with the objective of boosting economic growth and improving tax administration. Section 80M was introduced to help corporates reduce their tax and compliance burdens under the Income Tax Act,...