Anjana Dhand

Anjana Dhand is a Chartered Accountant who brings over 5 years of experience and a stronghold on finance and income tax. She is a writer by day and reader by night. You can find her churning content at express speed. She is on a mission to stamp out unawareness and uncomplicate boring personal finance blogs to sparkle. Anjana believes in the power of education in making a smart financial decision.

sip account

How to Open SIP Account?

What is SIP account? When you have decided to invest in best SIP mutual funds, the next step which follows is the way in which investment can be made. You can either invest lump-sum money at any particular time or...

capital gain calculator

Capital Gain Calculator

What is Capital Gain? A capital gain arises when a taxpayer transfers or sells a capital asset belonging to him. The profit or loss from the sale of the asset is capital gain or loss. The gain comes under the income category...

cagr calculator

CAGR Calculator

What is the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)? Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is the rate of return that would be required for an investment to grow from the initial value invested to the maturity balance. However, CAGR assumes that...

axis bank rd calculator

Axis Bank RD Calculator

Check: Axis RD Interest Rates Axis RD CalculatorInputsTotal Investment₹1,80,000Tenure36 monthsInterest Rate7% p.a.Interest Earned₹20,686Maturity Value₹2,00,686 What is an Axis Bank RD Calculator? Axis Bank RD calculator is an online tool that helps to estimate the interest earned by investing in a recurring...

lumpsum calculator

Mutual Fund Lump Sum Calculator

What is Mutual Fund Lump sum Calculator? If an investor wants to estimate the returns that will be made by him through a lump sum mutual fund investment, an online lumpsum calculator can help you to do the same. A...

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sbi ppf calculator

SBI PPF Calculator

What is SBI PPF Account? Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a long-term investment saving scheme that offers several benefits to investors like Government-backed returns, benefits under the Income Tax Act, loan facility, partial premature withdrawal, etc. Investors use it to...

Scripbox Learning Resources

Step Up SIP Calculator

What is a Step-Up SIP Calculator? A systematic investment plan (SIP) helps you invest a fixed amount every month in a mutual fund scheme. The disciplined way of investing helps you average out the market volatility and helps in rupee...

Scripbox Learning Resources

HDFC Green and Sustainable Deposits

What are the HDFC Green Deposits? The urgency of the hour is to protect our environment from climate change. HDFC Bank fixed deposit has created Green & Sustainable Deposits. It is a product that promotes the United Nations' Sustainable Development...